Is there still a life insurance company named Citizens Home Insurance company?

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Citizens Home insurance Company was a family members company as well. We have an assumption certificate that states the Independent Life and Accident Insurance company in Jacksonville, FL effective September 8, 1981. I have googled the Independent life and Accident Insurance and this is what I have found: In 1997 Independent Life and Accident Insurance company merged to American General Life and Accident as well as Home Beneficial Insurance Company and Gulf Life Insurance Company. American General Life and Accident Insurance Company was acquired by AIG in 2001 You can visit their website at Hope this helps.
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Can the insurance company inspect your home?

Insurers take steps to help avoid a loss, including inspections. (afull inspection of your home's electrical and heating systemsshould be performed annually by a licensed contractor) The typicalinsurance company inspection is much simpler, usually checking forany obvious problems and determining und (MORE)

When do life insurance companies not pay out?

Presuming the policy was "in-force" at the death of the insured:. When the proper certificates (proof) of death are not provided.. When an insured dies within the two (2) year contestabile period, and fraud is discovered with regard to criminal records, health, age or any other fact or condition w (MORE)

What is the best life insurance company?

The best life insurance company is one which is financially soundand has a proven track record for paying out death benefits. Lifeinsurance companies are rated for this by rating companies likeA.M. Best. The best rating with them is an A++.

How do you find out what the name of the life insurance company is?

Try to below things. 1. If you have access to their personal records, go through old bank statements or canceled checks to see if they paid any insurance companies. 2. Did they have a personal lawyer or accountant who may have known about any old policies? 3. Talk with a past employer about any gr (MORE)

How can you find out if an old Life Insurance Company is still around?

We can assist you with this information. To do our research we need to have the company name and also the state where the company issued the policy in. If you have this information, please e-mail us through our website and we will get back to you during the week with ou (MORE)

How do you find the Home Life Insurance Company of America?

The Home Life Insurance Company of America, Home Office:Wilmington, DE sold insurance policies in the 1960's and 1970's inthe Philadelphia, PA area and one of their offices was located at1903-05 S. Broad Street in Philadelphia, however that company is nolonger in existence. Since I had four polices (MORE)

Who is the best life insurance company?

New York Life is the largest mutual insurance company with over $14 billion in surplus, and was rated the highest financial ratings from the major rating agencies. it was reaffirmed twice in the year of 2009.

Do insurance companies insure homes with trampolines?

Some may but in general they are considered exposures to risk and will be excluded or your coverage may even be canceled. You will need to speak with an agent or agencies in order to find a company that will accept a trampoline risk.

Aetna Life Insurance Company?

my brother-in-law was receiving checks from your life insurance co. he had just passed away we need to know if this surviving family member can get his life insurance to pay his funeral cost

Where is peoples -Home life insurance company of Indiana?

In 1978 Peoples Home Life Insurance Company of Indiana's name changed to Federal Home Life Insurance Company. On January 1, 2007 Federal Home Life Insurance Company merged into Genworth Life and Annuity Insurance Company, which is domiciled or located in Richmond, Virginia.

Is there a Life of Virginia Insurance Company?

There was a Life of Virginia insurance company, however, it was purchased by first colonly life insurance, which was then bought by GE. GE spun off it's insurance unit to an independent company in 2006 called the Genworth Life Insurance Company. So, in a nutshell, Life of Virginia is now Genworth L (MORE)

Is the Poulsen insurance company of America still a valid life insurance company? The original Poulsen Insurance Company of America (PICA) formed in 1954, later became the Standard of America Financial Corporation. It changed ownership several times and recent information indicates The Standard of America Financial Corporation was last purchased by Fort Dear (MORE)

Southern Life Insurance Company?

It was first acquired by the Liberty Life Insurance Company of Greenville SC in 1986. In 2011 Liberty Life was acquired by Athene Annuity & Life Assurance Co.(800)435-3520

How does insurance company benefit from life insurance?

As with any kind of insurance, the insurance company benefits by distributing risk according to statistical models, finding out how much it would cost them to pay out claims against all their insured clients, and then charging their clients more than their analysts tell them they will have to pay. (MORE)

What test does a life insurance company do?

A life insurance company requires an application to consider issuing a policy. It requires the applicant to answer various questions and to provide personal information of various types. Among these are questions concerning the applicant's health history. This is sought in order to determine whether (MORE)

What exactly is a life insurance company?

A live insurance company is a company that holds a "life insurance" policy on a person. The policy is taken out by a person and fees are paid. And, if for some reason the person's life ends, the policy is paid out to the beneficiaries as long as the death was not done on purpose.

What is a company name for home insurance?

There are many insurance companies that offer homeowners insurance and it will vary from state to state. I recommend that you call an Independent Insurance Agency. These type of insurance agencies represent several insurance companies and can compare companies and policies from different companies t (MORE)

Which is the best company for life insurance?

There are several good companies out there, and the best one for you would depend on your age, gender, health, and the amount of insurance you're looking for. I would suggest speaking to a licensed agent :-) who can ask the appropriate questions and derive a series of rates from multiple companies (MORE)

What is a good home insurance company?

State Farm is listed as one good company. Amica is also listing an ad as offering affordable home insurance coverage. Other companies like Geico and Progressive offer this coverage as well.

Is there a nblh life insurance company?

It loooks like NBLH Life Insurance is a scam. I just discovered that they have been pulling a "premium" out of a joint account for over a year. The timing is such that they pull on the same date that the bulk of my auto pay billls go out, so I didn't notice. I am going to my state (MO) AG about this (MORE)

Who are the best home insurance companies?

Best home insurance companies as guided by customer satisfaction ratings (according to include: USAA, Amica Mutual, Chubb, Erie Insurance Group, Country Insurance and AAA, which all received between 4 1/2 to 5 stars (out of 5).

How many life insurance companies are there?

There are so many life insurance companies in the US that it is so hard to keep count. At last count there were about 2000 companies. There are always new companies opening up so it's sure there will be more in the future.

Is Kentucky life insurance company policy still valid?

You will have to call the insurance company in order to find out if the policy is in force. You will also have to be the owner of the policy or the administrator or executor of the estate of the insured to find out. Otherwise it is against the privacy laws for you to inquire about another persons fi (MORE)

What companies are home insurers?

There are many places to find home insurance companies. Among these companies are AAA, Traveler's Home Insurance, and Progressive Insurance. Each of these companies can be easily found on the internet and can provide referrals to local agents in the area in which the house to be insured is located.

What kind of company is Citizen Insurance?

Citizen Insurance is a property insurance company. You can insure your building, your contents or both. They have a range of policy options that are flexible around your requirements.

How do you select a life insurance company?

When it comes to choosing a life insurance carrier you will want toconsider the insurer's length of time in business, total assets,reputation, customer service, coverage availability, underwritingrequirements, pricing, and financial strength ratings, among otherthings.