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No, it's just bad grammar. Bad, worse, the worst. Instead of worse, worser, worsest as most other superlatives follow, like green, greener, greenest or dry, drier, driest. Adjectives for good and bad do not follow this format.
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Is Negro a slang?

Nope Negro is Spanish for the color black & it can be considered a racial slur and you can be arrested for using it in the wrong way and offending someone!!

Is worser a word?

No. Worse is already the superlative for bad. So you don't need to add an r to it to make it a superlative. Worse is NOT superlative for bad...Instead it is COMPARATIVE to ba

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What is a bird in slang?

A bird is usually slang for a woman. It's British slang, and is an older term. You could use this term in most casual conversations. It's not vulgar.

What is the plural of slang?

Slang is a collective term. It has no plural form.

What is slang?

Slang is colloquial language, where words mean something other than their formal meanings, or where words are used that are not actual English words. (Sometimes slang or verna

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Is slang swearing?

Slang Is Not Swearing. Some People Think Or Look At It As It's Swearing But The Truth Is It's Not. Slang Is A Certain Way Of Talking. It Is Seen As Not Using Grammar. But Peop