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I am the State. or The State, it's me.
It was a Louis XIV's famous quote. He said it to the Paris Parlement (In charge to agree the royal decrees) in April 1755. He was young and actually Mazarin ruled the country as regent. During a session, while some parlement's magistrates contested the legitimacy of the young king's edicts in order to refill the coffers, and fearing a new fronde of the french nobility, he came into the parlement and said this quote.
During this parlement session, he reinforced his power and confirmed his legitimacy as a King. It was one of the first "emancipation" actions of Louis XIV to transfer power from Cardinal Mazarin to himself.
Actually misattributed to Louis by Voltaire.
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What does c'est moi mean?

It means "It's me" in French   Note that "It's me" is considered non-formal grammar in English  (you'd never say "Me am it" but it is quite alright in French since  the

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moi is the second president of Kenya. he ruled as a president for 24 years and retired in December 30 2002. he is still alive

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