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Laker fans get free tacos?

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When the Lakers win at home and hold the other team under 100 points, all fans in attendance get a coupon for two free tacos from jack in the box.
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Does Taco Bell give a free combo or taco for a birthday?

Checked with the local franchise owner, and apparently not.

Where are the lakers?

The Lakers are in Los Angeles. They play at the Staples Center in downtown Los Angeles. The franchise originated in Minneapolis, which is where they got their name, the Lakers

Is Barack Obama a Los Angeles lakers fan?

Barack Obama has actually said about himself that He's a Chicago Bulls fan. Obama is from Chicago and always has been fond of the professional sports teams from Chicago.

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According to one article - Taco Bell 'Taco Filling Mix' contains Isolated Oat Product and Oats. There is some debate whether oats should be classified as a gluten containing f