Lee Chong wei's girl friend is preety?

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He's girlfriend is another famous Malaysian Female shuttler , Wong mew Choo.
Want to know whether she is pretty? Go check out yourself.
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Who is Lee Taemin girl friend?

i think his girlfriend is sulli.... i viewed their photos you can also check em out on Google images but i am not truly sure because they could be just marketing photos used j (MORE)

Lee Chong wei are you study inn smk berapit?

yes, i am very sure he is the ex-student of smk berapit. dont think this is a good school, infect it is the worst school that i ever encounter before, the disipline is very ba (MORE)

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What are the qualities that lee Chong wei have?

quality he has? the titles he hold say it all. numerous international tournament title and 2 olympic silver medal. like any other tragic hero, although he has yet to live up t (MORE)

How Lee Chong Wei success?

Lee chong Wei have been the most talented player in Malaysia'badminton history.he is the 2010 all England champion,2008 Olympic silver medalist as well as 2010 Asian games sil (MORE)
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Sumbangan Lee Chong Wei?

lee chong wei telah mengharumkan nama negara dengan memenangi  pelbagai anugerah yang melibatkan badminton .coklat
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