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i have 9 grandchildren from age 4 months to 8 years old 2 boys 7 girls verry healty how much with insurance cost me for all 9 ANSWER: There are a lot of variables here, you have covered the ages. If they are all healthy then the other variables are what kind of insurance and how much insurance do you want? When it comes to insuring children, Whole Life is the best way to go. If you can find and afford a short term premium like a 20-Pay Life that would be best. In other words it is all paid up in 20 years. Today Final Expenses cost (depending on where you live) around $10-$15,000. When your grandchildren are elderly it may be closer to $25-$35K or more. So you may wish to buy them a higher amount now, if you can afford it. A good source for Childrens life insurance can be found toll free at 866-403-1316
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