Lyrics of Cordillera hymn?

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Cradled by majestic mountains
Blessed with nature's flowing fountains
Blooming flowers and verdant hills
Is a region of murm'ring rills
Cordillera, region of wonder hail
Beloved land your name we shall not fail
Honor and fame, to you we strive to bring
Your glory won, we shall forever sing
Here dwell freedom-loving people
Strong our bond it's hard to topple
For our freedom we rise and fight
Our priceless ancestral birthright
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Could you provide Lyrics of cordillera hymn of the Philippines?

CORDILLERA HYMN Cradled by majestic mountains Blest with nature's flowing fountains Blowing flow'rs and verdant hills Is a region of murm'ring rills Refrain: Cordillera, regio (MORE)

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What are the lyrics to the Cordillera Hymn?

CORDILLERA HYMN (prevailing version) (1) Cradled by majestic mountains Blest with nature's flowing fountains Blooming flow'rs and verdant hills Is a region of murm'rin (MORE)

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