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Meaning of logo of allahabad bank?

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It means Triveni Sangam of Ganga,Yamuna & Swaraswati at Allahabad.
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What is the meaning of syndicate bank logo?

The syndicate bank logo is "Faithful Friendly" - with the symbol of a dog. They basically want to emphasis on the fact the bank is trust worthy and a friend. They are trying t

Who is the chairman of allahabad bank?

Allahabad bank is one of India's large and prominent banks. Mr. J P Dua is the Chairman and Managing Director of Allahabad Bank, India. Mr. Debabrata Sarkar and Mr. M R Nayak

What is the Meaning of canara bank logo?

The new brand identity for Canara Bank is based on the idea of a bond and is a representation of the close ties between the Bank and its many stakeholders - from customers and
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How reliable is Allahabad Bank?

Allahabad Bank- bank deposits,international banking,education loans,housing loans. The public sector bank in india provides a lot of facilities. Allahabad Bank is therefore no