Mileys face goes red when she cry or laughs?

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yes everyody hates Miley Cyrus now cuz she is getting 3 ears pearused 5 bellie botton 4 noses 2 tongue and 4eye lashes
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Why do people cry when they laugh?

people cray when they laugh because they are so happy they just have to cry. Or. That person might be crying because of laughter because they might actually be sad. :( but I h

Is it normal for people to cry when they laugh?

No it is not normal, if you are having these symptoms you should see a doctor. ANS2: This person is wrong, it is COMPLETELY normal for a person to cry when they are laugh
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What does laugh now cry later?

My spin on this quote ever since I became aware of it,Had to do with my mood disorders. Mainly depression . I alwaysthought throughout my mood swings Bi-polar there was a way