Models of organizing the training department?

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Take steps to set up a model to organize the training department. This can be done by assessing the damage, designing a plan of action, and implementing the plan.
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What are the duties of a training department?

A training department has the duty to prepare the employees toperform their job. The training department has the duty to providepractical skills or knowledge to a new employee

What are the various Departments of an organization?

Following are the main departments in any organization:L. 1. Finance and accounts. 2. Marketing and Sales. 3. Human resource and administration. 4. Technical / Operations.

What is the role of administration department in an organization?

In an organization, the administration department carries out thetask of planning, organization and ensuring that tasks are carriedout to meet the goals of the organization. T

How are cabinet departments organized?

They have a typical business chain of command. There are under-secretaries. The departments have several sub-departments and specialized branches that each have division heads

Roles of accounting department in an organization?

An accounting department provides accounting services and financial support to the organization it belongs to. The department records accounts payable and receivable, inventor
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Types of departments in an organization?

Research Development \n\n Purchasing \n\n Production \n\n Marketing \n\n Services \n\n Administration \n\n
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What is the importance of finance department in an organization?

Finance departmentplays significance role in any organisation whether it is profitmaking organisation or non-profit making organization. The work offinance department is to us