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Name a place where you might end up dancing with a stranger?

bar/club, wedding, party, school dance, concert
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You're also an accomplished athlete and have competed in the world championships, Olympic selections and international competition in judo, yachting, track, ice hockey and/or auto racing. How did you manage to become a world-class athlete in not one, but five different sports?

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A place name ending in stead in England?

There are many places that end in -stead in England. A few ideas:  Hampstead, Halstead, Plumstead, Hickstead, Wheathamstead,  Stanstead, Grinstead.   Most places that end (MORE)

What do viking place names end in?

They had a tendency to end in descriptors, such as "berg" (hill) and "by/stad/heim" (city/village, or place of residence/home). Other examples follow: Torp Seter Fjell Da (MORE)

8 Popular Greek Dances

Every year in Los Angeles, different Greek Orthodox churches hold the Greek fest. These often feature not only the food and culture of Greece, but its music and dances as well (MORE)

Six Tips to Learn Jazz Dancing

Jazz dancing was brought to the USA by the black slaves of Africa. This dance is an evolved version of African dance and is an expression of the torturing circumstances, the A (MORE)

Types of Country Line Dancing

Country line dancing is one of the most popular types of dance at the honky-tonk clubs. In the early 1990s, line dancing became popular. Line dances start with all the people (MORE)
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In dirty dancing do baby and johnny end up together?

actually yes they did because jhonny goes away for a couple of day and then he comes back and finds baby sitting at a table with her mam, dad and sister and drags her onto the (MORE)

Tips on Dancing for Beginners

Dancing is a great way to meet people get healthy. Unfortunately, many people do not know how to dance or even how to begin learning. If you fall into this category, there are (MORE)

Basic Dancing Steps Tips

Learning basic dancing steps is beneficial for dancers of all styles. They can easily be added into any dance routine. While learning these steps, a few tips can come in handy (MORE)