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Name a place where you might end up dancing with a stranger?

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bar/club, wedding, party, school dance, concert
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A place name ending in stead in England?

There are many places that end in -stead in England. A few ideas:  Hampstead, Halstead, Plumstead, Hickstead, Wheathamstead,  Stanstead, Grinstead.   Most places that en (MORE)
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Does tara end up with cristian in the finale of dance academy?

He confesses his feeling but goes with his dad for the summer, but  promises Tara he will be back at the end of the second season but  at the end of the third season he tell (MORE)

Eight of the Most Fun Dance Moves

Dancing should be fun. When you go to social events like weddings, you don't want to be the stick in the mud who sits off to the side watching everyone enjoy themselves. Odds (MORE)

Tips on Stranger Danger and Self Defense

One of the more pressing concerns of modern life is the threat from felons and criminals. While programs like Operation Safe Street, Stranger Danger, and others provide tips o (MORE)

Types of Country Line Dancing

Country line dancing is one of the most popular types of dance at the honky-tonk clubs. In the early 1990s, line dancing became popular. Line dances start with all the people (MORE)

Dance Appreciation: An Overview

Dance appreciation can take on many forms. In the realm of education, it can be a course of study that introduces the students to the art of dance. In this capacity, the histo (MORE)
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Time to Party: What's in Your Dance Repertoire?

Parties can be fun but only for the cool cats with the right moves. Not true. No matter how much you dance, how you dance, or how well you dance, anyone can be a hit on the da (MORE)

How to Put on Successful Dance Recitals

When you are running and producing dance companies and organizations, there are a wide range of factors to consider in any given production. Many parents put their children in (MORE)

What do viking place names end in?

They had a tendency to end in descriptors, such as "berg" (hill) and "by/stad/heim" (city/village, or place of residence/home). Other examples follow: Torp Seter Fjell (MORE)
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In dirty dancing do baby and johnny end up together?

actually yes they did because jhonny goes away for a couple of day and then he comes back and finds baby sitting at a table with her mam, dad and sister and drags her onto the (MORE)

What does up mean in aboriginal place names?

The suffix "up" used on the end of some aboriginal place names in Australia means "near water".
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