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On Prison Break the prisoners escaped from what prison whose name also tells you the network the show is on?

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Fox River
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Do prisons have fire escapes for prisoners?

Fire protection in a security facility is a challenge. Generally speaking, there are at least two exits from a series of cells or dorm areas. A "front door" where all inmates

What network airs Prison Break?

fox in the US. global in Canada, sky one in UK, m6 in France as well as various fox network stations globally.

Is prison break a good show?

YES! It is amazing! You would think they couldn't stretch a show about breaking out of a prison into 4 seasons, but that's not what it's all about. The plot is complex with so

Who was the prisoners that escape Alcatraz prison?

Only one man ever succeeded in swimming all the way to shore on Alcatraz: in 1962, John Paul Scott washed up on the rocks at Fort Point. He was so tired from the swim through