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Origin of saying to draw a line in the sand?

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The phrase originates from an instance when a Roman official drew a circle in the sand around Antiochus Epiphanes and demanded he not cross it until giving an answer about acceding to Roman demands. Look up Antiochus at Wikipedia for the full story.
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What is the legend of the line drawn in the sand?

By March 5, 1836, Col. William Barrett Travis had known for several days that his situation inside the old Spanish mission called the Alamo had become hopeless. Several thou

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How do you draw a line parallel to a given line?

  [A Parallel line is a straight line, opposite to another, that do not intersect or meet.] Ie. Line 1 is Parallel to Line 2. ---------------------------------------

Where did drawing originate?

about 40,000 years ago ... long before recorded history began.   The oldest dated drawings are 32,000 years old, in a cave in what is now Spain.

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For a regular pentagon, draw a segment from each vertex to the midpoint of the side length directly opposite, there by cutting it in half.

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if you think of the horizon which goes from left to right then that will help you draw a horizontal line.                      a ruler is also good for

In a perspective drawing what is a horizon line?

  A horizon line is commonly a imagined guide line that represents the horizon in the drawing. In it's simplest form it is simply a line that roughly represents the vertic

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It is not possible without some form of trickery.

Line drawing and Tonal drawing?

A line drawing depends upon a line to indicate the contours of  forms and features in a drawing. Cartoons and comic book drawings  are good examples of these. They were wide
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What is the original source of all sand?

the original place sand comes from i9s rocks breaking  apart. rocks are hard and so is sand buts a rock if you can in a  closed area. pic up one of the peices and look closl