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Our own number system0-9 is based on the system?

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The number system that we use today is based on the Hindu-Arabic numeral system.
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The metric system is based on what numbers?

decimal powers.

What number is the decimal system based on?

Our number system is based on base 10. This means that every extra digit indicates another power of 10, for example, 100 is 10 (10^1) times greater than 10, and 100 (10^2) tim

What number is the base of the number system?

1. Well, the number 10 is the base of the base 10 number system. The number 12 is the base of the base 12 number system. 2. I don't think the above expresses the answer quit

What is the mesopotamian number system based on?

In math, the Sumerians devised a number system based on 60 using combination's of 6 and 10 for practical solutions. In astronomy, the Sumerians made use of units of 60 and cha