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Pasos para abrir mi Facebook pagina de Facebook?

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Depois de fazer loguin, porque é que não consigo vizualizar a página do Facebook?
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What is on the Pizde de Pizde facebook page?

The Pizde de Pizde Facebook page contains many, many photos of barely clothed women from around the world, and comments by fans and friends of the page.

Como abrir una cuenta nueva de Facebook?

Abre una nueva cuenta de facebook por entrar "facebook.com". Hay una area a la derecha de la pantalla que dice "Sign Up" con espacios debajo. Mira debajo para ver una réplica

What is Facebook?

Facebook is a website for people to socialize and play fun games  chat with each others knows the birthdays of other.

WHERE IS Facebook?

www.facebook.com Is this really the answer you were looking for, because it's very quite apparent....?

Pengertian facebook menurut para ahli?

facebook adalah layanan jaringan sosial dan situs web, agar semua orang bisa membuat profil pribadi yg bertujuan mencari teman,kelaurga yg tidak pernah kita jumpai atau bert

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How do you get into Facebook?

You sign up at the Facebook site or at any connected application.    type facebook.com in the address bar on the internet and log in with your email and password

What is ''Facebook''?

Facebook is an online website where you can stay in touch with your friends. If your friend has a facebook, like you, you can send messages back and forth, look at each others

What is Facebook about?

Facebook Is a social networking site that means you can interact  with friends, relative, or people you know. You can play games,  post pictures, set a status, chat with you
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What is Facebooking?

Usually it means that you waste time on the Facebook website,  instead of doing something else more important (like writing a term  paper). Facebook is a "social-networking

Como abrir maquina de lavar para fazer reparos electrolux?

Se você não sabe como abrir, muito menos saberá como fazer reparos. Aconselho procurar um técnico. Se isso for inviável, aconselho também encostar a sua máquina automá