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Primary component of bread and pasta?

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Does bread and pasta raise LDL cholesterol?

Yes, they can depending on how much you eat. There's a lot of factors here, but bread and pasta (even whole grain) essentially end up as glucose in your blood stream. If you'r

Is pasta bread?

No. Pasta is made of flour which is the main ingredient of bread, but there is no other similarity between them. Pasta also contains eggs, milk etc.

What is the difference between pasta wheat and bread wheat?

They can be the same type of wheat flower actually. The only difference is pasta has an extremely low level of hydration, which produces the stiff dough which when dried will
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What is the primary component of natural gas?

The primary component of natural gas is methane. Other than methane  which is the primary component of natural gas the other components  includes methane hydrate, biogas and