Rezultatet e provimit te lirimit matematik gramsh?

Rezultatet e provimit te lirimit matematik gramsh?
notat e provimit te lirimit matematike te qytetit tirane shkolla nentori
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What is the English translation of the Italian phrase 'Baci e abbracci da me a te Tesoro'?

"Hugs and kisses from me to  you, darling!" is an English equivalent of the Italian  phrase Baci e abbracci da me a te, tesoro!   Specifically, the masculine noun  baci (MORE)
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What is the Italian 'Buona notte e baci Pensa di te' in English?

"Good night and kisses. She (or "he") is thinking of you" is an English equivalent of "Buona notte e baci. Pensa di te." Specifically, the feminine adjective "buona" means " (MORE)