Draw and name the enantiomer of D-glucose?

An enantiomer is a pair of structures which are mirror images of each other. For D-glucose:    CHO | CHO   | | |   H--OH |

What is the name of the process in which chlamydomonas makes glucose?

    photosynthesis;     as in the breakdown of an average plant cell, you will see that the Chlamydomonas cell contains Clorophyl, the chemical used in plants t

How many names does a scientific name have?

How many names does a scientific name have?

Commonly, a scientific name is composed of two words; the genus and the species of an organism. For example a dog is called, "Canis domesticus," Canis being the genus and dome

Which name in a scientific name do you capitalize?

When you are referring to a species, you use what it called binomial nomenclature. This means that you use the name of the genus followed by the "specific epithet".It's the na

What is scientific name?

What is scientific name?

A scientific name is the base name. A creature or item may have numerous common names depending on locality, but the scientific name will remain the same no matter where.It is

What is the name of the process when glucose enters cells?

Glucose will normally enter a cell by facilitated diffusion. Because the cell is converting the glucose into other compounds, the concentration inside the cell is lower than

What is the first name in a scientific name?
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What is the first name in a scientific name?

the scientific name according to the binomial system of naming organisms consists of the genus name starting with a capital letter and then the specie name with a small letter

Name a bacterium and its scientific name?

Bacterial species include:in the Phylum Proteobacteria:Escherichia coliin the Phylum Firmicutes:Bacillus anthracisBacillus cereusin the Phylum Cyanobacteria:Nostoc azollaein t