Script of the Congo?

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fat black bucks in a wine barrel room

Barrel house king with feet unstable
sagged and reeled and pounded on the table

pounded on the table
beat an empty barrel with the handle of a "BROOM"
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Where is Congo?

Congo is in central Africa and is the rd most largest country by size

What is a script?

A script is a set of instructions. The computer executes the instructions, then returns data, a value -- which could be a number, a string, a list, or another data type. See r

What is script?

Its a writing paper that come s out of a computer or techenolagi. . it is some time use for drama

What are script?

When actors get their lines that they have to say for a movie or a play, they get a script which has all of their lines on it and the other peoples lines that they are filming

Were is Congo at?

Congo is in Africa and i think if you don't know where a country or state is just ask brandi(funcrab12) and i will give you the answer because i know all about the states and

Who are the script?

Well. The Script are the best band in the entire world!!!!!!!!!!!. luv them ..-x-..

Where are the script from?

The Script are an Irish pop rock band from Dublin, Ireland. Currently based in London after signing to RCA Label Group imprint Phonogenic, the band released their debut album

How can you do a script?

to chang a bricks property u do "game.Workspace.BRICKNAME.PROPERTY = SOMETHING" everything is inside the "game" there is a few things inside of game the thing that contains br
In Africa

Are Congo bars from Congo?

My mother in New England says it's from the Congregational Church that's sometimes nicknamed "Congo" and these were a common potluck dessert.

Why do you have to do your script?

You can highlight your lines, practice your part, memorize lines, and take it to rehearsals to read for people who are absent and to be of use. When the show ends, I like to k