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Secular humanism views on suffering and death?

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Secular Humanists believe suffering comes from the cause of people or series of unfortunate events. As there is no god or faith outside science death is an end and nothing more. No bright lights at the end of the tunnel, etc. By this cynical worldview suffering can also be viewed as nothing more than an unfortunate emotion evolution has brought on.
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How did Jesus view His suffering death?

As the Messiah, he was our prophesied Kinsman Redeemer. It is written: The wages of sin is death. Yeshua our Kinsman redeemer died in our place in order to redeem us from the

How did Jesus Christ view on his sufferings and death?

In John 3:16 the Bible says "For God so loved the world, that He gave His one and only Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life." In John 6:

What is atheistic existentialist view of suffering or death?

Any atheist is a person who simply doesn't hold a belief in a godor gods. As such, he or she could have any belief about sufferingor death, because atheism is not a belief, an

What is an atheistic view of suffering and death?

Death- no afterlife. Rot in the ground. No soul. Why need anafterlife- you're given one for sure and one only- use it in thebest possible way- carpe diem. Suffering- well, you

How does secular humanism view money?

Secular Humanist believe in what can be seen. So they would do what Christians would do with Money. As a Christian, one would (or should) pay tithes (10 percent of one's earni

How does secular humanism impact suffering and death?

I feel no fear of death and seldom give it much thought. When I die I will simply cease to exist. A person may suffer before dying, but death itself has no suffering. My advic

How do secular humanism view money?

It is important to note that a person that holds a secular humanists viewpoint does not retain any specific opinion regarding wealth, however, it is sometimes incorrectly argu

How does suffering impact in secular humanism?

Eliminating and preventing needless suffering of any kind is an important principle of morality, especially when embraced by a secular humanist.

Secular humanism and views on family?

Secular humanism is different from other non-religious or anti-religious philosophies in that humanists believe they have an obligation to serve humanity as a whole as opposed

How the secular humanist worldviews impacts Suffering and Death?

Secular Humanists view death as inevitable, and don't believe in an afterlife. This means that each person only has one chance at life. There is no forgiveness or punishment a

How pantheism view suffering and death?

Pantheism view is that there is no suffering. Suffering is an illusion. "What happens after death?" The Pantheist agrees with the naturalist, who says that the person ceases
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What is an atheist view on suffering and death?

I am atheist, and I believe that suffering exists in many forms, and that it can be something that a person brought upon themselves, or something we have no control over - but

What is the New Age religion view on suffering and death?

The New Age isn't a single religion with a fixed doctrine, and different people have different views. Many believe in reincarnation and karma, explaining suffering as a paymen

Why is death the root of suffering of humans?

It's been said, but, personally, I think it's not necessarily true.I suppose someone would think that because death goes hand in handwith loss, and it's through loss which oth