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Secular humanism views on suffering and death?

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Secular Humanists believe suffering comes from the cause of people or series of unfortunate events. As there is no god or faith outside science death is an end and nothing more. No bright lights at the end of the tunnel, etc. By this cynical worldview suffering can also be viewed as nothing more than an unfortunate emotion evolution has brought on.
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Why is there death and suffering?

Answer:   Why do people suffer and die? The Bible gives us a clear explanation at Romans 5:12. "That is why, just as through one man sin entered into the world and death t

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I feel no fear of death and seldom give it much thought. When I die I will simply cease to exist. A person may suffer before dying, but death itself has no suffering. My advic

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The human rights only want to get human rights but with out religion in the world their woldnt be humas rights at all. Religion keeps people from doing bad stuff because with
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What is an atheist view on suffering and death?

I am atheist, and I believe that suffering exists in many forms, and that it can be something that a person brought upon themselves, or something we have no control over - but