Should burkas be banned?

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Depends. Burkas and headscarves are not the same thing, and as much as I want the burkas to be banned.. people have to respect others' religious rights. We don't ask someone and get their permission to wear something as simple as earrings do we? So why should Muslims, or women that wear these things have them taken away from them? Pretty unfair I reckon.
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What is a burka?

it is a dress that cover the whole body except face, that is covered by a cloth called neeqab

What are burkas?

burqas look like a long drees that covers your face and has a net near where your eyes are.

How do you put on a burka?

Why would you want to put on a burqa? It's not part of Islam.... unless you want to do it for cultural reasons?

What is the purpose of the burka?

In Islam Burqa/BURKA has lots of respect. To cover your privte part of the bodies. HARAM (bait-Ullah) is sign of respect so it is Coverd with a Peace of Cloth Quran (the Holly

Should the burka be banned in England?

Purely a matter of opinion. Though if this is done it could lead to other things being banned such as 'hoodies', ski masks, or any other item that covers the face. Another

Why should women pay the price of male lust by wearing the hijab and burka?

Woman are not paying any price of male lust or what so ever by wearing the hijab and burka. Allah gave men a portion of His strength and He gave women a portion of His beauty.
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