Should the parents of the morbidly obese young children on the Maury Popovich show be charged with child abuse?

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What should you do when a child is being abuse by their parent?

The first thing that you can do is try to get closer to that family, and find out the degree of the abuse that is going on. If you are close to the abusive parent, you may act

Is childhood obesity child abuse?

No, childhood obesity is not abuse. Often obesity can be caused by genetics or thyroid problems or poor eating habits. The child should receive a good physical by a doctor and

What do you think should happen to parents who abuse or neglect their children?

Here in the US there are laws against child abuse and neglect. The child protection services of the local or higher government need to be contacted to protect the children and

How do you become morbidly obese?

One becomes morbidly obese by chronically ingesting more than one metabolizes. There are genetic syndromes where one can be morbidly obese. These include Prader Willi syndrome

Is obesity a part of child abuse?

Not per-se, but Obesity takes the (cake) as the most widely-ridiculed physical health condition among children, even outstripping nicknames tossed at the Visually impaired ( s

Can the caseworker from Child Aid remove children from the family home when one parent is before the provincial courts on a non child or domestic abuse charge?

Yes a caseworker of Child Aid can see fit to remove a child or children from their family until all issues in the court of law are resolved. If the person is found not guilty

Should an adult press charges if they were physically abused as children?

When a full grown adult has memories of having being abused physically it is difficult to prove this ever happened unless there was a report at the time made to Child Aid or t
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What does the term morbidly obese mean?

A morbidly obese person is someone who is very overweight to the point that it can often cause a shorter lifespan and health problems. According to the BMI scale: Underwe
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Do the non custodial parent have to have proof to file child abuse charges on custodial parent?

Generally, the non-custodial parent must have a good reason to make the accusation. Child Protective Services will investigate and determine if there is proof of abuse. If the