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Should you divorce a pathological liar?

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get them help first if it really is a medical/psychological problem. HOWEVER if it's not then HELL YES
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Can a pathological liar admit the truth?

No. They don't even know what the truth is.

How do you detach from a pathological liar?

There are multiple ways you can get away from people with this disorder. One way would be to know whats good for you and no matter what they tell you, for the sake of your san

How do you know if a friend is a pathological liar?

  Answer     you know your friend is a pathological liar basicly if they always have a tendency to lie and if they lie their way to deep in the lie to tell the tr

Do pathological liars love with sincerity?

NO! Love is just a 'word' to them. Break it off now.

Who are pathological liars?

Pathological liars lies on a regular basis and is unable to control their lying despite of foreseeing inevitable negative consequences or ultimate disclosure of the lie.

Can a pathological liar get cured?

It depends on the person, as some people who suffer from mythomania (compulsive/pathological liars) are the way they are because a mental or physical truama. If they aren't tr

What can you do for a pathological liar?

Take everything that they say with a grain of salt.(Don't believe anything they say) To get them help, you can call your local mental health clinic and they should be able to

Are pathological liars insecure?

not at all!! In fact they are pathologically CONFIDENT! new answer-no,they are cold blooded and harder than a concrete wall...

Are bipolar people pathological liars?

Some Bipolar people are pathological liars, but guess what? It has nothing to do with the fact that they are Bipolar. Being a pathological liar is not a symptom of Bipolar Dis

How do you get a pathological liar to tell the truth?

my belief is that you simply can't ... you can tell when he's lying with body language. Answers.com says to Try a truth serum: (based on: truth drug?cat=health" class='exter

What are the symptoms of a pathological liar?

Answer   Anyone who exhibits a blah blah blah ... Personalities most often associated with a pattern of lying are those with sigs of ANTISOCIAL PERSONALITY DISORDER or NA
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Do pathological liars know that they are lying?

Yes, pathological liers do know that they are lieing, although sometimes the lie does get to the extreme and to the point where they can begin to believe thier lie. But most o

Is there a cure for a pathological liar?

yes but it takes years of dedicated therapy. by you and your  therapist. constantly doing self inventory and asking the help of  your friends and family as well as yourself

Signs of pathological liars?

Even we cannot recognize always a pathological liar, some of the signs are: Disguised smilingIncreased rate of self-adapters (eg., movements such playing with an object in ha