Should you spend the extra money for a high speed SD memory card for a Canon A560 camera or will a slower card work just as well?

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Slower speed SD cards will also work in the camera but performance of camera will be slower when compared to using a higher speed SD card.

When the picture is taken, picture data is temporarily stored in camera's buffer memory (RAM) before it is written to the Flash memory (in this case SD card). Before the next picture is taken, the camera's buffer needs to be cleared. With a slow speed SD card, it will take longer time to write data so you may have to wait for few seconds before you can take next picture. This will be more obvious if you take picture at highest resolution with minimum compression (super fine mode). If you take continuous pictures (with high resolution) camera may pause it between to write to memory before taking the next shot. Similarly high resolution movie of long length may also stop as buffer memory will fill and flash writing will be slow and take some time.

For taking one picture at a time most of the time you will not feel much difference that you are using a slow card. If you can afford and want faster performance buy a relatively fast card. Read reviews of specific brand and speed of SD cards and buy one with good customer reviews and look for bargains while shopping!

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Should I leave memory card in digital camera?

I do. Doesn't seem to hurt it at all. I've been using this one for about three years now with NO problems. When it gets full I just download the pictures onto my computer then delete them from the memory card.. If you don't want your computer plugged up with alot of picture files, transfer them fro (MORE)

Can you load a sd card with pictures with out a camera?

yes, i just cant do it lol, my husband says plug it into the comp. which ive done, it has a lil spot to put it in, no camera needed, however ive done what he said which was go to start,computer, and click or drive f or I, or one of the options lol, but it doesnt work for me, in the past ive had to j (MORE)

Where can you purchase Canon camera memory cards?

acually, it isn't a "canon camera memory card." you need to chech what kind of memory card it is, most likely it will be an SD memory card, and you can purchase those at pretty much any place that sells cameras, and some places that dont. walmart carries them.and camp usa and a ot of electronic stor (MORE)

How do you unprotect your SD memory card?

Every SD card should have a write protect switch located on the right edge, about 5mm from the top of the card. In order to unlock the card slide the switch upwards. Note that with Mini SD and Micro SD (Transflash) these switches are not present. The card is always unlocked. A switch may however (MORE)

Can you use same SD memory card between two cameras?

If both cameras call for SD memory, then you can. But if the cameras are not the same model or brand, there is no guarantee that you will be able to see or keep what was on the card when it was in the other camera. The other camera may even tell you to format the card again. So before moving the car (MORE)

How do you unlock a Canon SD memory card?

on the side of the memory card there is a little like...i don't know, thing,, and its a different colr the the memory card and it's on the top corner of one side of the memory card and you just have to switch it up or down, whatever it wasn't on before.

Who invented the sd memory card?

More and more these days, users of portable electronic devices are storing data on portable memory sources. This is true especially for users of mobile phones, portable global positioning system (GPS) devices, and video and audio players and recorders. One of the primary formats for these portable m (MORE)

How do you format a SD memory card?

As far as I know, you just insert your SD memory card into your computer/laptop and follow the instructions. Be forewarned, it will erase all your data on that memory card, so do anything you can to save it somewhere.

How do you make a Micro SD memory card work in your phone?

If your phone uses micro-SD cards (mine does) then TURN OFF YOUR PHONE and plug it in. There may be a software command to enable it; I needed to do that in my Blackberry. Check your phone's owners' manual, or check the web site for the phone manufacturer.

Can you put a sd card from a camera in your dsi?

Yes, the DSi uses the same SD cards as cameras. However, you can't use the pictures you took with your camera on the DSi, because there is certain information it saves with the pictures that cameras don't. You can use pictures you've taken with the DSi on cameras and computers, though.

Can you use sand disk memory card with canon powershot a540 camera?

SanDisk is a brand of memory card. The Canon A540 takes a certain type of card, see its instrucvtion book, probably it's a CompactFlash, but it may be a SecureDigital (SD). Take the camera to a pghoto retsailer and get the right card - many cameras are fussy about just which manifestation of card th (MORE)

Why doesnt the 4gb memory card work in your digital camera?

It's likely that your 4GB card is an "SDHC" card, and your camera is an older camera that was designed before the SDHC format came out. Although SDHC cards look exactly like standard SD cards, they are not. If your camera is a few years old, only SD cards of 2GB or less (standard SD cards) will wo (MORE)

With is better for a camera a sd or sdhc cards?

SDHC has a greater storage capacity (over 2GB), hence it's name, 'High Capacity'. SDHC is better, but it is more expensive. Also, check that your camera supports SDHC (almost all of them do, but older ones don't.)

You want to buy a high speed camera Around 3000fps at its max definition you want to be able to plug it into your PC or to a memory card and get the footage?

you cant buy a 3000 fps consumer camera..At that frame speed cameras are currently only for professional users and way too expensive for the occasional youtuber.. The closest match would be a casio exilim family of compact digital cameras.. The maximum FPS available is 1000 but a a much lower re (MORE)

How do you get the sd card out of a Coolpix camera?

For every Coolpix camera I have used, you first remove the battery, then push slightly down on the top of the SD card, which will release the catch and cause the card to rise up enough so you can get hold and pull it out. More than that, I can't say without you specifying the exact camera model.

Are there SD cards just for cameras?

An SD card is an SD card pretty much, a card containing flash memory. Therefore it doesn't really make sense to say one is 'just' for a camera, since it could be used in other devices too if it will fit. The only thing to look out for is higher capacity cards might only work in newer devices due to (MORE)

How do Flash SD memory cards work?

Flash SD memory cards work by writing the memory to the flash. They are usually better than USB or earlier storage devices as they can store a larger amount of data for a lower cost.

What retailers offer camera SD cards?

Most local shops that sell cameras and their accessories are likely to offer camera SD cards. Amazon and eBay are also stores that offer these cards online.

New camera and new memory card not working?

Check your camera's manual. Your memory card may need to be formatted. CAUTION: do not do this to a card with photos already on it because formatting will erase anything on the card. Check that it is the correct type of memory card & that your camera's battery is charged. If all else fails go to a r (MORE)