Should you wait for the iPhone 5 or get a Samsung Galaxy S2?

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What is better an iPhone or a Samsung Galaxy?

I always prefer to go for Samsung galaxy over iPhone as allgalaxies being android filled phones are compactable to differentapplications available. The phone is designed with a simpleinterface and looks attractive. All galaxies deserve their pricingand are affordable to all users. You can know about (MORE)

Which is better iPhone or Samsung Galaxy?

Depending on what one's looking for in a phone, what operating system one like and what model of the iPhone and Galaxy. Key Specifications: iPhone 5 2G, 3G, 4G Micro Sim 123.8 x 58.6 x 7.6 mm (4.87 x 2.31 x 0.30 in) 112 g (3.95 oz) LED-backlit IPS LCD, capacitive touchscreen, 16M colors 640 x (MORE)

Should you get the Samsung Infuse or the Iphone 5?

Iphone 5 in my choice as the capabilities are much more expanse than most phones. Inclduing the always updating app market and several other accerories as being a remote to remote controlled toys or tvs.

What network has the Samsung Galaxy S2?

I know Sprint is one company that has it. But since it's samsung, i think all companies have it. You might wanna check on Google. Most networks, o2 is the best network in my opinion, £21.50, unlimited texts and 200 minutes, but look around to find the best deal to suit you.

Which phone is better for business and multimedia between HTC HD7 and Samsung Galaxy S2?

Isn't it obvious? Seriously..with android being open source, its growing the platform every single day..there's an app for everything..the software takes care of the majority portion for me when it comes to comparing these two phones..other than that -the S2 is one of the finest hardware that androi (MORE)

What is good iPhone 4S or Samsung Galaxy S2?

Galaxy s2 is 100 times better than the iphone 42. Yes I would say the Samsung galaxy s2 I have one and it has more utilities in it and also it really easy to download apps by the Android market. It has an extremely good camera and zoom. The screen is large and the phone is very light and slim

How do you reset the phone lock on Samsung Galaxy s2?

To reset the phone lock on the Samsung Galaxy s2 go to the settings section and select password options. then select password reset and enter your current password followed the password you would like to change it to.

Is the Samsung Galaxy s2 better than the iPhone 4S?

No!Both are good, but iPhone 4s is better. Here is a list of good and bad things about them: Galaxy SII Good Bad Fast More for work and buisness than Thin entertainment Pretty good battery Not as good software as iPhone Good phone all round iPhone 4s Good Bad Ios 5-very fast Phone (MORE)

Does a Samsung Galaxy s2 have FaceTime?

It does not. FaceTime is proprietary software for iOS devices only.Google's equivalent is Google Hangouts, and there are also thirdparty software (Tango, Skype, etc.).

What phone is better iPhone 4 or Samsung Galaxy s2?

When talking about the phone itself, as in the structure of the phone, the Samsung Galaxy is more firm and strong eg. the screen doesn't break (usually) like when dropping an iPhone 4. On the other hand the iPhone 4 is better in speed and available apps from the Apple App Store.

Should you wait for the iPhone 5 or buy the iPhone 4S now?

I would get the iPhone 4s now instead of waiting. I wouldnt wait because I have the iphone4 . If u wait for the iphone5 u would have to keep the phone you have right acutually wait because then you are wasting money when you can wait for iPhone five and save money so save and wait.

How do you clean a Samsung Galaxy s2 skyrocket?

I'd recommend using a cloth similar to what you use to clean eyeglasses, and/or micro fiber cloth for the casing on the phone.There's screen cleaners out there (for computers, smart phonescreens, and HDTV's) that you can use.

How do you put videos in my sd card Samsung Galaxy s2?

The question doesn't make sense. Unless you want me to literally drive to where you are and steal your SD card and I cna put them on myself and leave. Is that what you mean? You've proposed it in a strange way. From my point of view, this says; "How will I put videos on his SD card? ... Samsung (MORE)

Which is better iPhone 5 or Samsung galaxy s3?

Technically, it's an opinion. But if you search 'iPhone 5 and samsung galaxy s3 drop test' on YouTube and you will see the samsung galaxy s3 had more cracks from being dropped from the top three most common heights of dropping phones. The iPhone 5 got a few scratches but didn't crack and was barely (MORE)

How do you take screenshots on a Samsung Galaxy s2?

I believe many peopke are saying to hold the power button and thehome button. That didnt work for me, but I realized that I have tgetablet and figured out that on the tablet you hold power and volumedown

What phone is better iPhone 5 or samsung galaxy s3?

The Galaxy S3 because it has a bigger screen, longer battery life, and easier to use. Therefore, the Galaxy S3 is better. I have nothing against the Iphone. It is a good phone and durable. But in the end the Galaxy is better.

Can you get Facebook on Samsung Galaxy S2?

Of course you can get Facebook for smartphone. Samsung Galaxy S2 is a smartphone. There are two ways to get the official Facebook app. First: Simply visit Facebook on your internet browser that comes with your phone. Facebook should detect that you are on a mobile and offer you to download (MORE)

Does Verizon offer Samsung Galaxy S2?

It appears that Verizon opted to not offer Samsung Galaxy S2 but have other options available at their locations. Contacting them by phone would be a good option also as they could offer you a better deal.

Should you buy the Iphone 5 or the Samsung Galaxy S3?

Whether you should buy the iPhone 5 or the Samsung Galaxy S3 depends on what you are looking for in a phone and whether you want an Android or an iOS phone. A salesperson at the cell phone store can help you in making a decision

What are the different power options for a Samsung Galaxy S2 smartphone?

There are three main power settings for the Galaxy 2. They allow the user to use power saving features to converse battery life by turning off the GPS, reducing the brightness of the screen, having the screen go dark after 30 or 45 seconds of inactivity and using silent mode instead of vibrate for (MORE)

Which is better iPhone 5 or Samsung Galaxy s4?

I have the S4, and I love it. If you want convenience (back andmenu button, air gesture and view, google now, adapt sound) thenthe Samsung is a better choice. However, if you want a phone thatis pretty, has a better voice assistant, better battery life, andmore available RAM, get the iPhone.

Should you buy the iPhone 5 or should you wait until the next iPhone comes out because the iPhone 5 is almost a year old?

You came this far. You might as well wait for the next iPhone. Ifyou preorder it as soon as it becomes available, you should have itshipped to you by late September or early October. Of course thisis all assuming the September release date. The only risk is thatif you for some reason loathe the new (MORE)

Compare Samsung Galaxy S2 and S3?

Using the Samsung Galaxy S2 (I9100 was the most common variant),the Galaxy S3 is taller, wider, and a touch thicker. The S3 has asignificantly larger and higher resolution screen (4.8 inches vs.the 4.3-4.5 inches depending on the variant of S2), quad-core (S3)vs. dual-core (S2), was due a newer vers (MORE)