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The Sumerians had a most unusual belief in how humans came about because it sounds more like science fiction than mythology. They believed that intelligent creatures came from another planet and created us from a combination of their DNA and the DNA of prehistoric man. They called DNA "essence" and in their ancient writings (the Sumerians were the first to create written language) say about prehistoric man's essence:

"Akin to ours it is, like two serpents it is entwined"

We are all familiar with the symbol of entwined snakes. The symbol is used later by the Egyptians as a staff carried first by Iris and then Hermes. Greek mythology also incorporates the symbol. The symbol has adorned the walls of our hospitals since long before we knew DNA shared the double helix shape.

The Sumerians state in their writings that a rogue planet, referred to as Nibiru found its way into our solar system and collided with Earth, creating the asteroid belt and leaving behind a moon--our moon. Because of the collision, Nibiru became part of our solar system. According to them Nibiru is the home planet of the aliens that created us, the Annunaki. The reason we do no know of this planet, if it is real, is because it has a massive eliptical orbit that only brings it near us every 3600 years. According to Sumerian text, the Annunaki used Mars as a way station, which could explain the peculiar face that we see on Mars' surface as well as the markings that seem as if they were created by intelligent creatures.

The Annunaki do not see themselves as gods, but merely superior creatures on a planet with a deteriorating atmosphere. Supposedly, they sent robot scouts to Earth before coming in person, similar to what NASA has done on Mars. They came here in search of gold which they say will restore their atmosphere. It is in fact possible to use gold (Au) to oxidize carbon monoxide (CO) which could indeed increase the amount of oxygen in an atmosphere--especially one that his heavily polluted. Initially, they mined the gold themselves, but having great knowledge of genetic manipulation, they devised a plan to create a hybrid species to mine the gold for them. It was a great moral debate as they argued whether or not they should play the role of gods, but eventually they agreed to proceed with our creation. Sumerian hieroglyphics show how we were created in glass tubes. Sumerian carvings and indentations portray the Annunaki as having elongated sculls, which is eerily similar to a god the Aztecs claim visited them, asking them to mine gold. The Aztecs even took to wrapping their babies' heads so that they would grow to be elongated like their god.
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How did the sumerians view the gods?

The Sumerians believed in 3,000 plus gods to explain everything innature, but everything was not understood. Belief in so many godsmade the Sumerians a polytheistic people. The gods controlledeverything in the environment.

List of sumerian gods?

Abgal . Seven wise-men and the attending deities of the god Enki. . Adrammelech . Babylonian god (possibly of the sun) to whom babies were burned in sacrifice. . Aja . Babylonian sun goddess. . Akkan . Four Saami goddesses who overseeconception, birth and destiny. . Alauwaimis . Demon (MORE)

How many sumerian gods were there?

There where MANY they where MONOTHEISM mono means many and theism means gods.. So the answer cant be exact(: Im doing a project about that so im sure that's the answer (: CORRECTION: Monotheism means "belief in one god" because 'mono' means one, and 'theism' means gods. If that is the case, tha (MORE)

Who was the Sumerian water god?

The Sumerian water god of Eridu was called Enki. Enki was a creator deity, along with An, the god of heaven, Enlil, the air god, and Ninhursaga, the earth mother.

Who made laws God or humans?

God made laws. In the Old testament there are the Ten Commandments- famous because it is said the finger of God himself wrote upontwo stone tablets up on Mount Sinai, in fact this is true. God hadoverwritten those ten commandments by sending his only son, God butas flesh and blood, into the world to (MORE)

What was the Sumerian religion's beliefs?

The Sumerians believed there were multiple gods controlling theforces of nature. The priests were considered the speakers for thegods. They were also the doctors and the leaders of the community.

A belief in God?

Absolute. Answer: Many names apply to a belief in god(s) . theism . pantheism . monotheism . satanism

Who was the first black human that god made?

Adam and Eve were the only humans that God directly and solely made, all others stem from or come forth from them. They were neither white or black but rather had a very pure genetic propensity which was capable of producing both extremes and all the variety on between which developed over time.. F (MORE)

What was the belief about gods?

To answer this question properly it is important to know which particular gods you are asking about. In the history of the world there have been many hundreds, if not thousands of gods worshipped by different cultures from different parts of the planet. To list them all here would be impracticable.

Who fills the covenant god made with humanity?

Jesus Christ fulfills the covenant that God made with humanity. Acts 3:25 says "Ye are the children of the prophets, and of the covenant which God made with our fathers, saying unto Abraham, And in thy seed shall all the kindreds of the earth be blessed." The seed of Abraham is Jesus. Galat (MORE)

Was Adam and Eve the only humans made by God?

Briefly, Genesis reports that God created man directly, forming himout of the elements of the earth and then proceeded "to blow intohis nostrils the breath of life, and the man came to be a livingsoul." (Gen. 2:7) The Creator also made a woman, Eve, and presented her to Adam as apermanent mate. We r (MORE)

Why did God made Humans?

It is well known that there were problems in heaven some time back and heaven lost Satan and his followers. This left some vacancies. It is also well known that Satan had a very important position in heaven, something of the order of the right hand man to God. Now these cast outs were instated in th (MORE)

Does human life have value outside of god belief?

Value, oughtness, right, and wrong are all things that can not be weighed. Therefore, if this universe is purely materialistic, and there is no God, valuations like " you shouldn't rape a child " are based on fickle, changeable people. Consequently, human life will only be worth what other people, s (MORE)

What gods did the sumerians believe in?

gods that give them good luck is this person in 6 grade or live in turlock or even go to walnut elementary or be on the discoverey side or have perhapps Mrs.G

How did Sumerians worship their gods?

Answer The Sumerians sang hymns, some of which have been found on stone slabs, prayed and offered sacrifices. No doubt they learnt, as children, the scriptures that would be important in their lives.

Why did sumerians try to please their god?

In much the same way that modern Christians try to please their God, the Sumerians pleased their gods in order to bring good fortune upon themselves. They accepted the priests as their religious leaders because they were intermediaries between the people and the gods.

What generalizes the Sumerian belief about afterlife?

The Sumerians of the ancient world were a highly influential and fascinating people. They were pioneers and visionaries. Their participation in the development of early civilization led to a system of values and beliefs that set them apart from all other ancient cultures. In the aspects of religion, (MORE)

What christian belief says that god is made from 3 persons?

You are referring to the doctrine of the Trinity, which says that there are three persons in the one Godhead, each divine, and each equal in glory and honor to each other. To some this appears to be a belief in three Gods, not one, and others will claim that this is not taught in Christianity, but m (MORE)

Are humans made by God or evolved from monkeys?

Religious believers of creation say humans are made by God. Otherwise, neither; evolution does not teach that humans evolved from monkeys, but instead from ape-like creatures millions of years ago.

Why are humans made by god?

because GOD wanted to test us how we are going to act in this world or what are we going to do bad and good this is just a test for him the real world is the heaven

Why did the Sumerian gods go against God?

The presumed original "God's" on our Earth supposedly came from another Planet (regarded by scholars as Niburu). There is debate as to whether or not these beings created most plant, animal and modern human life. Enlil and Enki were 1/2 brothers that landed in the waters of the middle east. It is sp (MORE)

What were Sumerian medical beliefs?

they didn't really have a belief the just listened to what the priest told them because they thought the words from the priest came form their gods. the gods were their main beliefs

How are Sumerian gods different from Egyptian gods?

Sumerian gods tend to be capricious and more or less random in their moods/ actions, while the Egyptian gods tend to be more consistent. Egypt was all about different cycles which governed life, while Sumeria was more about random unpredictable changes.

Which Sumerian god did Babylon worship?

In Sumerian texts, Tammuz is called Dumuzi and is identified as the consort or lover of the fertility goddess Inanna (Babylonian Ishtar). It has been suggested that Tammuz was originally a king who was deified after his death. Sumerian texts believed to date from the 18th century B.C.E. show that th (MORE)

Who was the Sumerian wisdom god?

Enki is the Sumerian god of wisdom and of water. His name means 'lord earth,' and he's the god of water because water nourishes the earth. He is cunning and magical, and a bit of a trickster and prankster. He is sometimes described as a pleasant Loki.

What are beliefs about God?

God is one, he has no father nor a son, He has no competetor, He don't need anyone Answer: Modern beliefs about God, as held by followers of Judaism, Christianity and Islam, include: . that he exists . that he is omnipresent: he is everywhere at the same time . that he is omniscient: (MORE)

How is god a belief?

Well, people may believe that there is a God, that there are several gods, or that there are no gods whatsoever.

What is the belief that Jesus became human while continuing to be God?

This belief is held by most Christians, and accords with Jesus' prayer for us in John 17. 11. And now I am no more in the world, but these are in the world, and I come to thee. Holy Father, keep through thine own name those whom thou hast given me, that they may be one, as we [are]. So Jesus was (MORE)

Why did every sect of humanity that 'evolved' everywhere have a belief in a god?

Historically, not every sect of humanity did; there is at least one Amazonian Tribe and one Pacific Tribe that have no belief in any Deity. Many others may have existed; but their history was destroyed when European (as well as Middle Eastern and Chinese) explorers and missionaries converted them an (MORE)

Is there proof of the Sumerian gods?

A: There has never been any proof of any gods. That this applies equally to the Christian God as to the Sumerian gods is highlighted by John Dominic Crossan ( The Birth of Christianity ) who says that each believer has a connection with his or her god, whoever that god is.

How many gods did the Sumerian have?

The sumerians didnt have a exact amount of gods but it is said they believed in a god for each element. Sumerians also beleived in Polythesism which is the belief in many gods or godesses

Who is the Sumerian god of wisdom?

Enki, Lord of (Fresh) Water and Wisdom: Enki emits streams from hisshoulders; he is the god who gave rulers their intelligence and whoprovided craftsmen with their skills; patron deity of Eridu.

Why did the Sumerians want to appease the God?

The word Sumerian is not written in biblical texts You might be referring to Samaria which is the reference name givenfor the 10 Northern tribes of Israel. That name is associated withthe acts of King Jeroboam, king of the Tribes of Israel after theywere split (after Solomon). You will read of the s (MORE)