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The 6 percent annual coupon bonds of Greentree Inc are selling for 1020 have a face value of 1000 and have a yield to maturity of 5.43 percent How many years will it be until these bonds matu?

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A 5-year corporate bond yields 8 percent a 5-year municipal bond of equal risk yields 6 percent the state tax rate is 0 at what federal tax rate are you indifferent between bonds?

To find the federal tax rate at which the buyer would be indifferent between Muni bonds(which are tax free) and Corporate bonds(which fall under your tax bracket tax rate) you

If two bonds have the same maturity the same yield to maturity and the same level of risk the bonds should they sell for the same price regardless of the bond's coupon rate?

if two bonds offer the same duration and yield, then an investor should look at their levels of convexity. if one bond has greater convexity, it is less affected by interest r