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The 6 percent annual coupon bonds of Greentree Inc are selling for 1020 have a face value of 1000 and have a yield to maturity of 5.43 percent How many years will it be until these bonds matu?

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20 year debt issued a year ago par value coupon rate 8 percent paid annually Today the debt is selling for 1050 The firm's tax bracket is 35 percent what is it after tax cost of debt?

From your query i just got to know that you want the figure of tax percentage on your debt. \n. \nI think you should concern some financial companies which would provide you

How does the yield to maturity on a bond differ from the coupon yield or current yield?

The rate of return anticipated on a bond if held until the end of  its lifetime. YTM is considered a long-term bond yield expressed as  an annual rate. The YTM calculation t