The Irish Rovers the Scotsman is from what album?

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In Ireland
It is originally by Mike Cross. The fairly famous version from Dr Demento was performed by Bryan Bowers.
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Who was the last Scotsman to win a UEFA cup winner's medal?

Gary McAllister was the last Scotsman to win a UEFA cup winner's medal, doing so for Liverpool when they beat Alaves of Spain 5-4 in 2001. He was also the Man of the Match, at the age of 36.. NB this answer might need to be updated if Glasgow Rangers were to win this season's tournament. At the tim (MORE)

What is the Irish for 'me'?

Answer . Checking out any English-Irish dictionary would tell that the English pronoun "I/me" is said "mé" (may) or "mise" (mishe) in Irish. The second form is more emphatic.

Who are the Irish?

The Irish are the people who live in island and they are also the people who play bagpippers and where a skirt called a kilt (that's mostly th men tho) Kilts are scottish actually. Irish people come from Ireland and most of them don't actually speak the language. And they don't play bagpipes. Its th (MORE)

What year did the Irish rovers come out with the unicorn song?

It was first released in 1967. In 1967 The Irish Rovers released their global hit single The Unicorn , followed in 1968 with the charting Irish ditties "The Orange and the Green" / "Whiskey on a Sunday". Despite having virtually nothing to do with Ireland or Irish culture, the song remains popular (MORE)

What is the Flying Scotsman?

The flying Scotsman is a passenger express service between London Kings Cross and Edinbrough. Since it's inception in 1862 (originally terminating in Glasgow) there have been many different types of engine pulling the express; currently an Intercity 225. The most famous engine, and bearing the name (MORE)

What do rovers do?

rovers do some running and they do good exercise.there good at doing stuff like playing around.

What is the Irish for 'you'?

Tusa but it's tú if you were saying..........d'ith tú (you ate). Another Answer: . "You" singular tú tusa . "You" plural sibh sibhse . The second form is a more emphatic form.

What is the Irish for you have?

Irish (Gaelic) has no verb for 'to have' but would say "I have a cat" as. "Tá cat agam" literally, "there-is a cat at-me".

Who was the Scotsman who designed the Bell Rock Lighthouse?

The Bell Rock Lighthouse, in the North sea, is the world's oldest offshore lighthouse. Renowned Scottish engineer Robert Louis Stevenson initially proposed the construction of a lighthouse on Bell Rock in 1799, but it was eight years before his plan was acted upon.

What is the Irish for 'no'?

In Irish, as well as other Celtic languages, the way to say "yes" or "no" is to respond in this manner:. "Are you here?". "I am" (yes), "I am not" (no)

What is a rover?

A Rover is a type of vehicle such as a car or a van used fortransportation and to drive where you want to go. . A rover can also be an unmanned vehicle used for exploring theplanet Mars. . A rover can also be a person who can go from place to place inperforming his or her duties, rather than being (MORE)

Am I Irish?

If you were born in Ireland, have lived there most of your life,were educated there and so on, then you are Irish. If you did thosethings in another country, then you are not Irish. If your parentsor grandparents or other ancestors were Irish and you were born andgrew up in another country, then it (MORE)

What are the lyrics to the Irish Rovers Here's to the horses?

Here's to the Horses Chorus: Here's to the horses that pull the Budweiser Here's to the ribbon, 'round the blue ribbon can, Here's to the ladies that pour golden rivers that fill up the glass, of the beer drinkin' man! Verse 1: Down by the river at O'Grady's Tavern, that's wher (MORE)

Are the Irish Rovers performing in 2010?

They are!! I am seeing them at the Red Robinson Theater, in Coquitlam Canada on St. Pat's day. They generally tour 3 to 4 times every year, but that's including out of the country gigs. For Irish Rovers tour dates go to

What do you do with your Irish?

well it depends on the day, on monday i eat bologna off their belly button. Then on tuesday, we play patty cake while they clip their toe nails.

Which 2 cities did the flying scotsman join?

Victoria, Canada and Sidney, Australia. The Flying Scotsman loco, may well have visited these cities during tours after it's retirement from British Railways. The actual train named the Flying Scotsman, and not necessarily hauled by the similarly named loco ran between London Kings Cross and Edinbu (MORE)

What is the Latin word for scotsman?

The word for Scotland in classical Latin was Caledonia , named for its inhabitants, whom the Romans called Caledones . A singular form of this noun is not recorded. However, the adjective Caledonius , "Caledonian," did exist, and Latin regularly used adjectives as nouns, so the term Caledonius (MORE)

What was the Flying Scotsman used for?

The flying Scotsman is an express passenger train between London Kings Cross and Edinburgh. Since it's inception in 1862 (originally terminating in Glasgow) there have been many different types of engine pulling the express; currently an Intercity 225. The most famous engine, and bearing the name (MORE)

Is a Land Rover a rover?

no Originally yes, the model now known as the Defender was originally designed and produced by the Rover Motor Company, the first Range Rovers were designed by them but didn't go into production until after the company lost its independence. All the later models however such as the discovery are (MORE)

Why are you Irish?

I was born in Ireland! Have Irish parents, grandparents, great-grandparents. I'd say that's why I'm Irish!

Does scotsman still make travel trailers?

No they don't... The company is no longer in business... The company was orignally located in Gardena, CA... You can find a few USED ones for sale... Google Scotsman ,Vintage or Retro travel trailers.. Good luck... I have a "65" scotsman and just love it to death... GREAT for weekend get'a ways... V (MORE)

What would a Scotsman do with a spurdle?

They would use it to stir their porridge, which they would have seasoned with a little salt whilst humming o' flower of Scotland and wearing a kilt. This would be followed by some deep fried haggis and heroin for pudding.

When did the flying scotsman come back from America?

Flying Scotsman was sold by BR in 1963, to Alan Pegler who restored it to it's 1930's appearance. It went to U.S.A in 1969, and did some charter work. Before leaving England it was "Americanised" a bit by fitting a bell, extra whistle, cowcatcher and buckeye couplings. Things did not go too well, an (MORE)

What is the Irish for 'I will?

I assume that by "I will," you mean the first person singular future tense. (More correctly this should be "I shall," but American and Canadian English make almost no distinction between will and shall any more, although the English spoken in Ireland does.) The answer is, it depends upon what you ar (MORE)

Which Scotsman developed the first early tire?

I believe Charles McIntosh experimented with latex to make tyres somewhere in the early 1800's. (Charles Goodyear was next when he added sulphur to latex which made it stronger and more flexible.) and if you mean the pneumatic tyre, then you probably mean John B Dunlop who was seeking a way to give (MORE)

What is has in Irish?

Irish doesn't have a word for 'have'; instead you say 'is at-him'; ' He has a dog' would be ' Tá madra aige '.

Where can one purchase a Scotsman ice machine?

Scotsman ice machines can generally be purchased at home improvement stores, such as Home Depot or Lowe's. They are usually located in the appliance sections, near the washing machines and refrigerators.

How much does a Scotsman ice maker cost?

A Scotsman ice maker can typically be very expensive in price. Usually, a Scotsman brand ice maker can cost anywhere between one thousand to three thousand dollars.

What movie and television projects has The Irish Rovers been in?

The Irish Rovers has: Played Bank robbers in "The Virginian" in 1962. Played Themselves in "The Virginian" in 1962. Played Themselves in "The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour" in 1967. Played Themselves in "The Kraft Music Hall" in 1967. Played Themselves in "The Joey Bishop Show" in 1967. Played Thems (MORE)

What actors and actresses appeared in The Irish Rovers - 1971?

The cast of The Irish Rovers - 1971 includes: The Clancy Brothers as Guest (1971-1975) The Irish Rovers as Themselves (1971-1975)) Tommy Makem as Guest (1971-1975) Margaret McDowell as Dancer (1971-1975) Joe Millar as Member of the Irish Rovers Will Millar as Member of The Irish Rovers George Millar (MORE)

What actors and actresses appeared in The Flying Scotsman - 2006?

The cast of The Flying Scotsman - 2006 includes: Nikolas Abs as Junior Official Joseph Balderrama as Santiago Steven Berkoff as Ernst Hagemann Billy Boyd as Malky Caitlin Brennan as Daughter on Bike Muzaffer Cakar as President Morag Calder as First Office Receptionist Joseph Carney as Child Gang Lea (MORE)