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vivo en Bristol
vivo en Bristol
vivo en Bristol
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What does vive diu rex mean?

Long live (Vive) the (diu) king (rex). Actually it's: Live (Vive) long (diu) the king (rex) Actually it is Long live the king; when you translate to another language you nee

What does donds mean?

A great new word: Donds   "Donds" is a new word    The moment of origin is on the record. The Guardian newspaper (UK) website hosts a music blog called Readers Reco

Donde vives tu?

  Where do you live?

How do you answer donde estas?

¿Donde estás? Is Spanish for "Where are you?" So you have to answer it depending on where you are. But you will always start the sentence with "Estoy..." which means "I

How do you reply donde vives tu?

I means "where do you live". Your response would be the place where you live. ""Vivo en Los Angeles."

What is the difference between donde vive and de donde es?

Donde is where. Donde vive is where do you live (as in your current address) but de donde eres is where are you from (what country are you from? did you just move here from an

How do you answer donde vive tu familia?

¿Dónde vive tu familia? = Where does your family live? Allá en... = Over there in.... Aquí (acá), conmigo = Here, with me (Pues) vive en... = Well, they live in....