The climax of how your brother brought home a wife by manuel arguilla?

climax of how my brother leon brought home a wife
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What are the moral lessons you can get in the story How My Brother Leon Brought Home a Wife?

-before you get married you need to consult your parents -always remember the past /remember the old culture -accept and face the challenge/demands each day -if you loved e (MORE)

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What is the conflict of the story How My Brother Leon Brought Home a Wife?

The main conflict is Leon's father. He does not believe Maria can  cope with living in a province after growing up in a city.
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What is the plot of How My Brother Leon Brought Home a Wife?

The story begins with Baldo, his brother Leon, and Leon's wife, Maria, all traveling to see Baldo and Leon's father. This will be the first time their father will be meeting L (MORE)

Who are the characters in 'How My Brother Leon Brought Home a Wife'?

The characters are:    Leon/Noel - Maria's husband, older brother of Baldo  Maria - Leon's wife  Baldo - Leon's younger brother, also the narrator of this  story  Mot (MORE)

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