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The distance around a geometric figure?

perimeter or circumference. The only answer is perimeter. The circumference is the the perimeter of a circle; the distance around a circle.

Plane figure with 12 sides?

A 12-sided polygon is called a dodecagon. See this website for more names: . a plane figure 12 sides

What is the difference between a plane figure and a solid figure in geometry?

A plane figure in essence is a shape which has two dimensions and a solid figure has three dimensions. Moreover a plane figure has length and width and a solid figure has length, width as well as depth. So for example a rectangle is a plane figure and a box is a solid figure. A circle is a plane figure. A plane figure is a 2-D object, hence, it fits on a plane. Yet a solid figure is a 3-D object and has incorporated 3D graphics into the silver screen using 3D graphics. These types of films have fast become one of the most popular mediums of recent time and there has been a tremendous collection of films that have been shot using this medium which includes one of the most popular 3D films of our generation called Toy Story 3D. Using the latest CGI graphics from Pixar this story of Woody and his pals has brought a lot of joy and happiness to those who have watched it. The graphics are truly amazing as you can really see in detail things jumping out at you from the tiniest branches on tree to droplets of rain - all in glorious 3D. A plane figure is two-dimensional and a solid figure isthree-dimensional. The extra dimension is depth. a solid figure is a 3d figure and a plane figure is a 2d figure or a simple drawing=D a solid figure is three dimensional, having length, width, and height, and must be accurately represented in space with a model, like a cube or sphere a plane figure is two dimensional having length and width and being able to be represented on a flat drawing, like a square or circle solid figure is considered as a "3d" figure. and plane figure is just a flat drawing or "2d" figure. the difference is that a plane figure is flat and a solid is 3 demensional...... I like marinus and am not sure if he like me so on friday on the radio iam going to haost a party answering game here how you play you just simply wait for when you hear the word accompanimet and you slimply pick up your phone and call the number 7210057 88921 100 and you will get the qusetion and answer the qestion you have to geust the answer it is almost like a love qestion . Now about that i will be having aparty at my house and you are invited to my party as vip wemen enter free and children and farthers pay $50 for all the farthers in st.lucia and children pay$5.00 to enter hope you funat the party. solid things you can hold and plane figures can fly difference between a plane figure and solid figure A Plane is 2 dimensional. A Solid is not. . A plain is just 2D, it is kind of like a picture of just a plain square. Solid shape is 3D, it is more like a cube. Plan Solid figure: Cube, prism, pyramid (3-d) Plane figure: Square, triangle, circle (2-d) \nPlane figures are 2-dimensional. \neg. A square, a circle.\n\nSolid figures are 3-dimensional. \neg. A sphere, a cube. An extra dimension

What is a plane figure with 8 sides?

A two-dimensional figure is a polygon. The eight sides means thatit uses the prefix octa- (meaning eight) to form the name octagon.

Is there a Distance in and distance out of an inclined plane?

the input distance is the distance that you push the object up the ramp. this distance allows you to go up how ever far the tallest point of the ramp is. this is the output distance.

What is the distance by plane from Manchester to Barcelona?

The air distance from Manchester, England, United Kingdom, to Barcelona, Spain, is 862 miles. That equals 1,387 kilometers or 749 nautical miles.

A six letter word for a plane curve with each point on the curve being and equal distance from a fixed point at the center of the figure?

The distance from the fixed point at the center of a circle to any point on the curve is called the radius.

The distance around the outside of a figure?

If the shape is circle then circumference. If any other form (non-symmetrical) then you can measure the area with integration from Calculus.

The distance around a figure is called?

i am pretty sure it's perimeter but I'm not to sure Yes, it is perimeter, and if the figure is circular, it is also the circumference.

How long have planes been around for?

along time since like 1908 or something. they had 'em in ww1 which somewhere around 1914, so tell your teacher around 1910, but not exact. Yeah, I agree that 1910 is a good figure. You could say that the first successful flight of an airplane (not just a glider, but a powered airplane that could climb to higher altitudes than it started from) was done by Orville and Wilbur Wright in December of 1903. But those early flying machines were inpractical-- only staying in the air for a few seconds to a couple minutes at a time; traveling slower than a man on horseback could ride, and only gaining slight altitude. By 1910 airplanes had become a lot more practical and effective.

What is a Congruent plane figure?


What is a plane figure in geometry?

Answer . A two-dimensional figure, also called a plane or planar figure, is a set of line segments or sides and curve segments or arcs, all lying in a single plane. The sides and arcs are called the edges of the figure. The edges are one-dimensional, but they lie in the plane, which is two-dimensional.. The triangle, the pentagon, the hexagon and the circle are just a few plane figures.. Prisms and pyramids, for instance, are three-dimension figures.

Is the sun a plane figure?

No, the sun is not a plane figure. It is a 3-dimentional astronomical object we call a star. Plane figures have just two dimensions.

What are plane figures?

ones that can be drawn in the plane such as a triangle, circle, etc.. A sphere is not one.

What is the distance from earth to a jet plane?

Zero, if the jet plane is on the ground, otherwise it depends at what altitude the plane happens to be flying. Cruising altitude for many passenger airliners is around five to seven miles. Military aircraft often fly at much higher altitudes.

What are the plane figures?

Plane figures are those that have a length and width but no height. they are two dimensional or flat.

Plane figure with 11 sides?

The best name seems to be hendecagon (from the Greek word for "eleven"). See

Is circumference the distance around a figure?

yes but the figure is a closed curve. The distance around an object is the perimeter.

What is a plane figure and a solid figure?

A plane figure has 2 dimensions (length & width$ & is represented by a flat surface. It takes 3 noncollinear points to make a plane. A solid figure has 3 dimensions. It not only has length & width but also depth. It takes 4 noncoplaner points to make space

What is the distance from NYC to Texas by plane?

The air distance from New York City, New York, to Abilene, Texas, is 1,533 miles. That equals 2,466 kilometers or 1,332 nautical miles.

Distance from Philadelphia to Italy by plane?

The air distance from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, to Bologna, Italy, is 4,232 miles. That equals 6,810 kilometers or 3,677 nautical miles.

How do you figure out the distance around a globe?

\nFigure that time zones are approximately 1000 miles wide. And there are 24 timezones across the world (24 hours in a day) not counting the ones off by 1/2 hour or whatever. Therefore, approximately 24000 mile circumference would be one good but rough guess based on the average width of the time zones.\n. \nOr just look it up on google!

Is a dimensional cylinder a plane figure?

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What is a similar plane figure?

It is a figure that is the same as another figure in the plane. A square is the same plane figure as another square, but a cube is same the same plane figure even tho it is made up of 6 squares.

The distance around a closed plane figure?

The distance around a closed plane figure is called the perimeter.The perimeter of a figure can be calculated by adding together thelengths of each side.

Distance from Cebu to Manila by plane?

The flight distance from Cebu to Manila is 355 miles or 571 kilometers. This is the straight line distance so is the shortest distance. A commercial flight may not necessarily take the straight line route as it may have to take specified flight paths and accommodate other air traffic.

Are all plane figures closed?

No, take a semicircle, it is a plane figure and is open. Or a parabola is also open and a plane figure.

What is a closed plane figure but not a polygon?

Any closed figure that is not entirely composed of straight sides, such as an ellipse or a circle.

What is distance around a figure called?

I hope this helps. When you are talking about figures such as squares, rectangles, and triangles, you call that its perimeter . If you want the mathematical formula to get perimeter, you would use these: P= Perimeter, S= Side, b= base, h= height, l= length, w= width . Square- P= 4s . Rectangle- P=2b+2h OR P=2l+2w . Triangle- P= a+b+c The distance around a circle, you would use circumference. It is really perimeter, but they call it circumference. This is its formula: C= Circumference, pi= 3.14159 etc, R= Radius, D= Diameter . Circle- C= 2piR OR C= piD .

The distance around a figure?

The distance around a figure is called the "perimeter", unless the figure is a circle - in that case, it is called the "circumference".

What is a plane figure for the triangle?

its self because a plane figure is a figure that is flat and has all strait sides.

Is a triangle a plane figure?

well yes, obviously. A triangle constitutes of three points, and you can always find a plane that traverses those three points.

What are the basic formula of plane figures?

Different figures have different formulae; here you will find formulae for the areas of some figures:

How do you figure out distance?

A 1/2 diameter piston moves 10 inches with 30 lbs force how farwill it move with 6 inch diameter piston and how much weight willit lift

The distance around a closed geometric figure called?

Case No. 1 :- General geometrical closed figure Ans. :- PE RIMETER Case No. 2 :- Circular geometrical closed figure Ans. :- CIRCUMFERENCE

What are the examples of plane figures?

here are some examples for plane figures: 1) surface of a table 2) notebook 3)wall 4)ground 5)door .

What is a close plane figure?

A plane figure is one that is entirely in one plane. One way to think of that is it can be made to lie flat - no ups or downs. A closed figure is one where you can go around the outside of the figure and return to your starting point - without jumping. If you take any two points - one inside the figure and one outside, then you cannot draw a curve from one to the other without crossing the boundary of the figure.

How do you find the distance around a figure?

The distance around a figure is called a perimeter. The formula to find a perimeter is: width x2 + length x2 = area

What is the longest distance on a paper plane?

The longest distance flown by a paper aircraft launched indoors, from the ground, is 193 feet (58.82m) This was achieved by Tony Fletch of Wisconsin, USA at the La Crosse Centre on May 21, 1985 and is a world record.

What types of figure tessellate the plane?

All sorts of figures. The only regular polygons that can tessellate by themselves are triangles, squares and hexagons. Irregular polygons such as rectangles, rhombuses, parallelograms and trapeziums will as well. Regular octagons combined with squares will. Other regular polygons can be combined with appropriate star-shapes to tesselate. There are also Penrose tilings which, although they cover the plane, are non-periodic in the sense that the pattern does not repeat itself if you move along. Finally there are many irregular shapes that will tessellate.

How do you find the perimeter of a plane figure?

If the figure is a polygon ... with sides made of straight line segments ... then the perimeter is the sum of the lengths of all the sides. If part or all of the figure's boundary consists of curves, the perimeter is still the distance all around the figure, but you may need special formulas to find the lengths of the curved sections.

Is circle a plane figure?

Yes and no a circal can be yes. A sphear on the other hand has no flat surfaces. I think

Is diamond a plane figure?

Plane refers to single plane ie 2 dimensional figures used for calculation or visual use and are theoeritical as they have no depth or third dimension.

How do you use the distance formula to prove the figure on the coordinate plane is a square?

You can use the distance formula to show that all four sides are the same length. The shape must, therefore, be a rhombus or square. If you then show that the length of the diagonal is sqrt(2) times the length of the side then, by Pythagoras, the diagonal and sides from a right angled triangle. The shape must, therefore, be a square.

What are the 5 plane figures?

There are infinitely many plane figures, not just five! A circle, ellipse, A triangle, quadrilateral, pentagon, hexagon, heptagon, octagon, and on and on. And then there are mixed figures such as a semicircle, a segment of an ellipse. Not forgetting plane figures that have "random" boundaries.

Why plane figures does not have mass?

A plane figure has no thickness, so it has no volume. Without volume, it can't have any mass.

How do you translate a figure in a cordinate plane?

A translation moves every point on a shape in the same distance and in the same direction on the Cartesian plane

Can 3d figure be drawn on a plane?

A 3D figure can be drawn on a flat plane (piece of paper) by using perspective. A horizon (horizontal) line is drawn across the page and a spot marked along the horizon. All side lines of the 3D shape must meet at the spot. Perspective is much used by artists and architects, etc.

What is a plane figure obtained by slicing a solid with a plane?

That depends on the solid that you are slicing. If the solid is a cylinder, you can make a circle by slicing horizontally, or an ellipse by slicing diagonally. If the solid has a square "base", then you can make make squares, rectangles, and even hexagons. If the solid is a cone or better yet a double cone, you can construct the conic sections (circle, ellipse, parabola, hyperbola). ===== Answer #2: The tidiest answer to the question is: A "section" is.

What is the figure of a large plane vertex?

A plane vertex is a point where two lines meet or intersect. A point has no size so the adjectine "large" is irrelevant".