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The lack of what vitamin may cause psoriasis?

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vitamin D
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Which disease is caused due to lack of Vitamin D?

The main disease which is caused by Vitamin D or of Calcium is rickets. Rickets causes muscles and bones to become soft, which can cause permanent deformities in children. Adu

What is the disease caused by lack of vitamin C?

Scurvy. Lack of vitamin C can also result in frequent nose bleeds. Scurvy is the main one. It's not very common now, but it was a big problem back when sailors would be off a

What disease does Lack of vitamin A cause?

Can cause eye problems such as a lack of night vision,tiredness and skin problems vitamin A , just like any other vitamin it have no calories or in more nerdy way it cant prov

Scurvy is caused by the lack of which vitamins?

Scurvy is caused by lack of vitamin C. I`m telling you EAT YOUR VITAMIN C.

List of diseases caused due to lack of vitamins?

Lack of vitamin A causes Dry and scaly skin and night blindness.

What diseases are caused by lack of vitamins and minerals?

Hi Vitamin A deficiency: night blindness and flaky skin. B complex deficiency : B1: Nerve problems (beriberi), heart muscle weakness, and edaema. B2: Immflamation of eyes and

Can lack lack of vitamins cause blurred vision?

Yes it can   I think it would be better said, that lack of good nutrition can cause all kinds of problems, not just vision; your entire nervous system requires feeding and
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Name a disease that is caused by a lack of a vitamin?

Almost every disease can be caused by a lack of vitamins. If you take the right about of vitamins every day then you chances for getting a disease will be much less. The only