The ultimate source of legal authority in the colonies was?

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the king

What was the ultimate source of Napoleon's power?

In his tenure as leader (including emperor) of France, the ultimatesource of Napoleon's power was consistently found in his militarybackground, military aids and associates, and military tacticalskill. Without overlooking other sources of power and influence,Napoleon relied throughout his career mos (MORE)

What is the ultimate source of energy?

The Ultimate Source of Energy according to current knowledge comes from Nuclear Fusion. Natural Sources of Nuclear Fusion are; Stars. An example would be "The Sun". Nuclear Fusion is the process of two or more Nuclei combining to form one larger Nuclei. Such as the Fusion of Hydrogen to (MORE)

What is the ultimate energy source of winds?

solar radiation The sun heats the surface of the Earth unevenly. The warm air expands, becomes less dense and rises. Cold air condenses and sinks. The cold air moves across the surface of the Earth to take the place of the rising warm air. This is wind.

Is the sun the ultimate source of energy?

Within our solar system it is. The earth does have stored energy in the form of heat, but it is assumed this came originally from the sun, when the earth was formed. The sun of course obeys the laws of physics which as far as we know apply to the whole universe, but one could wonder how the sun itse (MORE)

What is the ultimate source of wind energy?

The energy is added indirectly by the Sun. Uneven heating of theEarth's surface causes winds and pressure systems around theplanet. So it is solar Radiation that is the ultimate energy sourcefor most winds.

What is the ultimate source of energy in autotrophs?

It depends. Most of the autotrophs you have seen are green plants and they ultimately get their energy from the sun through photosynthesis. In the oceans, around volcanic vents, entire ecosystems get their energy from organisms that absorb the dissolved chemicals for energy. These are chemoautotroph (MORE)

What is the ultimate source of the earth's energy?

The sun. The energy of the fusion taking place in the sun providesthe driving force for photosynthesis in plants, which provides thefood for most of the earth's organisms. These herbivores are theneaten by the carnivores, which ultimately leads to us...humans. Thesun's energy drives the weather syst (MORE)

Why do you say that the sun is the ultimate source of energy?

The sun's radiation reaching the earth enables liveable temperatures to be maintained. It drives the weather which gives us wind power and solar power directly. In the distant past it produced all the abundant vegetation and algae which became transformed into fossil fuels that we use today, and it (MORE)

Essay on sun is an ultimate source of energy?

I don't intend to write your essay for you, but the sun created the fossil fuels we rely on, and it continues to drive our weather for wind power, as well as provide solar power. At 93 million miles from Earth, our sun is a middling star that provides nearly all the energy on Earth. The only energy (MORE)

How is sun the ultimate source of biomass?

Common sources of biomass are (1) agricultural wastes, such as corn stalks, straw, seed hulls, sugarcae leavings, bagasse , nutshells, and manure from cattle, pultry , and hogs; (2) wood materials, such as wood or bark, sawdust , timber slash, and mill scrap; (3) municipal waste, such as waste paper (MORE)

The ultimate source of energy for living things is and why?

The ultimate source for living thins is the sun. This isbecause the sun provides things on the absolute bottom of the foodchain with food. They are then used as food for the next livingthing on the food chain. Things on the bottom of the food chain arecalled producers. They perform photosynthesis to (MORE)

What is the ultimate source of CO2 in the body?

All living plants and animals contain carbon in their cells. Humanseat carbon in all natural foods and meat and the gas is releasedwhen the food is burned into energy, and it combines with theoxygen we breathe to make CO2.

What is the ultimate source of all genetic diversity?

Mutation is the ultimate source of all genetic diversity. Virusesthat infect bacteria are bacteriophages. A mutation within a genethat will insert a premature stop codon in mRNA would result in ashortened polypeptide chain.

Why is the sun the ultimate source of energy?

The sun is responsible for causing all the vegetable and algae material that grew millions of years ago and turned into oil and gas which we now use. The sun also causes the wind and rain which we can use in windpower and hydro power, and the biomass sources now also used, and of course solar power. (MORE)

Sun is the ultimate source of heat?

Sun is the earths ultimate source of heat. The distance between sun and earth is 9,30,00,000 miles. It is also very important for plants because with the help of sun light/heat they can produce large amount of chlorophyll which is necessary for plants and with the help of chlorophyll they can prod (MORE)

What is the ultimate energy source for the cell?

Basically, the ultimate source of energy for anything on earth can be considered solar energy. Moreover, on a wider outlook, the ultimate source of energy for the stars, galaxies and all could be the big bang which formed matter in this universe

Is it legal to where gloves in ultimate frisbee?

The ultimate players association official rulebook says that you may wear no equipment that gives you an unfair advantage, however gloves are generally accepted in play by opponents. People see you as more of a tool if you use them for grip and throws rather than warmth though.

The ultimate source of energy is the what?

The ultimte source of all energy used on Earth is the Sun. While it's technically true that every one of the other billions and billion of stars radiates energy that's also absobed on Earth, their quantity is completelt negligible compared to the energy from the Sun.

What is the ultimate source of energy in the energy pyramid?

I will interpret your question as, What is the best source of energy. The best known form of energy is Nuclear Fussion. This is what the sun uses and produces vast amounts of energy with little radioactive waste. There is enough hydrogen in 1 gallon of water to be fused to produce energy = 300 gallo (MORE)

How is the sun the ultimate energy source for food?

There are chemical reactions that only work in the presence of light. One of these is a rather complex reaction that combines carbon dioxide and water to form such things as simple sugars. To simplify: 12 CO 2 + 11 H 2 O -> C 12 H 22 O 11 + 12 O 2 . The reaction uses energy from light. A reverse (MORE)

What do many Catholics believe was the ultimate source of authority?

Many Catholics believe the Pope is the ultimate source of authority, while others believe this is really church tradition as compiled and collected in the 'Magisterium' since the Pope and Cardinals must obey it: it is the ultimate source of authority for Catholics and is the church's interpretation (MORE)

What are the ultimate sources of ocean thermal energy?

Much of the thermal energy in the oceans comes from the sun. Some of the thermal energy in the oceans is geological and comes from within the earth. This is the same energy that drives volcanoes, geysers, and so on.

What is the ultimate source of genetic variability in DNA?

Mutations. These have quite a few different causes. Sexual reproduction is a "more recent source" {beginning 600 million years ago} of genetic variability. The process of sharing genetic information, coupled with the random crossing and mixing of genetic information during the creation of a new o (MORE)

How solar energy is the ultimate source of energy?

Cosmologists are well agreed that the power in the Universe was released in the form of the Big Bang, an event which created all of both the material and the energy which are in our Universe. According to recent measurements, the Big Bang occurred 13.75 billion years ago, so that is the current age (MORE)

Is sun the ultimate source of energy?

Yes because if you build facilities that can get focused sunlight and have a radiation filter in them my calculations show it could be 3 times more powerful than gasoline

Which is the ultimate source of energy?

The ultimate form we basically understand is Matter, and Motion (which 'is' matter). Matter condenses from 'dark energy' which makes up 73% of the universe, but we understand little about it yet.

How sun is ultimate source of energy source for coal?

We are pretty sure that coal formed from layers of plant matter accumulating at the bottom of a body of water, then being deeply buried under sediment and rock and eventually compressed and transformed by the heat and pressure into coal. The plants that eventually became coal derived their energy fr (MORE)

What did Lutherans believe was the ultimate source of authority?

Lutherans rejected traditional sources of religious authority, such as church councils and the pope. They believed that the Bible was the only true source of religious guidance. Reading the Bible was the only way to learn how to lead a good life and gain faith in God.

Why is glucose the ultimate source of energy?

It is not the ultimate source of energy. It is the preferred sourceof energy because the body can use it directly without having toalter it. Maybe easy source of energy is a better way to sayit.

How is the sun ultimate source of energy source for biomass?

With very minor exceptions (thermal vent organisms) the sun is the ultimate source of energy for living organisms, because green plants derive their energy from sunlight, and everything else derives its energy either from eating those green plants, or from eating other organisms which eat green plan (MORE)

What is the ultimate source of nitrogen?

Well oviosly nitrogen in solid is u see if u where to try to get nitrogen in any other way it would make some kind of affect that could possibly kill someone if used in large amounts and used without caution and I know this I'm 11 geared yes I know I'm young and it my not be the right answer but it' (MORE)