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Trace a drop of blood from the time it enters the kidney in the renal artery until it leaves the kidney through the renal vein?

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Renal Arteries--> Segmental Arteries--> Lobar Arteries--> Interlobar Arteries--> Arcuate Arteries--> Cortical Radiate Arteries--> Afferent Arterioles--> Glomeruli--> Efferent Arterioles--> Peritubular Capillaries--> Cortical Radiate Veins--> Arcuate Veins--> Interlobar Veins--> Renal Vein.
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What is the pathway of a glucose molecule from the renal artery to the renal vein?

Pathway of glucose and other molecules from renal artery to renal  vein is the following .   1 renal artery , 2 arcuate artery ,3 interlobular artery , 4  afferenr renal (MORE)