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Un Peso is how much in the US?

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a peso is about 7 cents.
100 pesos in America is 7.31$
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How much is a 1981 un peso worth?

  Answer   More information is needed. Many countries use the peso as their currency unit. Please post a new question including the country name.    Also, no

How much is a 1975 Un peso worth?

If it's from Mexico the honest answer is "not much". Mexico's currency plummeted in value due to inflation during the 1980s, so much so that its old currency was withdrawn fro

How much is a 1926 UN Peso worth?

  multiply the weight of the coin in troy oz. times .720 (% of silver in the coin) times the price of silver at the moment, from <http://www.kitco.com>

How much is a silver un peso worth?

It really depends on the date and the condition. It could be worth no more than a few cents to be worth a few dollars or more. Once you know the date, you can find out its rar

How much is a Mexican un peso 720 from 1933?

It is a common coin and usually worth the melt value of the silver content, which is approximately .39 ozt. At this time the approximate value is about $13-$15. If the coin is

How much is a UN MIL pesos bill worth?

If it's a Mexican "Nuevo" Peso. On 3/11/2012 it's worth $80.87. $1.00 US dollar is worth $12.6835 pesos. If it's one of the OLD Peso currency, it has no monetary value. May

How much worth is a 1971 un peso?

It depends on which country it's from. Many countries use pesos so you can't tell the value. Ask another question and include the country it was made in.