Unused webkinz codes for the code shop?

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Unfortunately, even if someone had one to post here that was legitimate, it would only work once, and everyone else would be disappointed.

One of the best ways to get an unused Webkinz pet code is to bid for one on eBay. The rare pet codes sometimes go for a lot of money, but the normal ones will be inexpensive, sometimes less than a dollar. (Make sure you look for the code only, not the stuffed animal that goes with it.)

There are also stores that sell Webkinz, especially older ones, at a discount. I have seen them for around five dollars, which is much cheaper than they are when they are brand new. If you don't have that kind of money, maybe you can ask your parents if there is a way to earn it around the house by doing extra chores.

There are also sites that generate codes which may or may not work, but that would almost certainly violate the terms of use of the webkinz site, and you run the risk of losing your account and any pets you have on there if you cheat like that.
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What is a webkinz unused code?

I know one, but I am not telling you, hah, that will be cheeting if i tell, and I don't care if you don't have one, or if you are a super modle, I am just not telling, haa

Where can you get Webkinz unused codes?

you buy a toy at a real store and then use the feature code. go to this website!!!http://elizabeth-webkinzblog.blogspot.com/ This is my website and I have contests occastion

Can you have a unused webkinz code?

you can have an unused code... some people just buy them for the cool animals. Also, they codes dont expire a year after you but it, they expire a year after you log in the co

Where can you find unused webkinz codes?

No one - I repeat - no one will give you a code to Webkinz. I mean, really, think about it. Why would someone go buy a Webkinz and put it to waste? So, I would just not think

Does anyone have a Webkinz unused code and what is it?

i cant give one but you can get a free one by goining to the inernet and type webkinz then when your on were you press join now insteade of pressing join or login press join n

What is a Webkinz unused secret code?

Webkinz are special plush animals that "come to life" when you enter it's secret code attached to the plush onto www.webkinz.com. A used code won't work, an unused one will.

A webkinz codes that is unused?

no but i have a user name and a password. USERNAME: 1buddy10000000. PASSWORD: hehehaha. THANX ALOT YOU ARE SUPER NICE FOR DOING THAT MINE IS MESABOO1 4 PASSWORD USERNAME 98

What are unused webkinz pet code?

if you buy a webkinz then there is a code attached to the toy then that is a secret code but if you use it online on webkinz.com then you cant use it again. unused pet codes a
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What is an unused code on Webkinz?

An unused code is a code on Webkinz that hasn't been used by anyone. It can be used to create an account or to add to an account.