Village life for early teenagers was?

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definitely much different and physically harder than today

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How did the city life differ from village life in early civilizations?

Answer . There is large difference between city life and village life. Actually city is the urban settlement with large populations where as village is settlement of com

What was teenage life like in the early 1900s?

It was very difficult living in the 1900s.. Most teens didn't go to school but helped their parents on the farm or mills.. If they did go to school they went to a crowded an

What problems did early villagers face?

Early villagers would have had to deal with a lack of food andmedical help. They may have had very crude shelters and had to dealwith harsh temperatures.

How did surpluses affect life in the simple villages of early humans?

as people gained surplus food, (surplus means extra) they gained extra time for other things such as: economy, government, their job, and so on. it made the society to grow, w

What is teenage life?

The use of the term "teen or teenager" did not happen until 1939. Today a "teen" is a person 13-18 years old although we often refer to a "teen" as 19 or 20. Since 18 is the a

Why is city life different from early farming villages?

Well,. Large Cities doesnt have a lot of farming, there is more opportunities to get a job, u can get education facilities easliy, and its an urban settlement with large popu

How is a teenager life?

A teenagers life is full of ups and downs, hopes and dreams, boys, break-ups, pier pressure, mood swings, parties, friends, socialising. To some this is the best part of your
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How did the city life differ from village life in early civilizationsin Hindi?

city life is more confortable and there are lot of facilities aditionally also have more opportunities for making money. The villagers earn money very hard and earn money enou
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Why did early Greeks live in villages?

they lived in villages because if there was an attack, they could help the army. And yes, this is an accurate answer. I say this because most people say that is ina
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Why did the early Greeks live in villages?

They lived in villages near large cities because if there was a they would be able to help the soldiers protect their village.