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Was Amelia killed by japan or did she die on an island?

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She had plane problems and died.
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Who killed Amelia Earhart?

  According to popular belief, her plane failed and she crashed somewhere in the Pacific while trying to circumnavigate the glob.

When did Amelia earharts die?

It was not known when she died. while flying overseas, she missed an island, where she was supposed to refuel. The connection tower was also not able to communicate to her, du

What island did Amelia Earhart crash on?

Holland Island    ANS 2. Amelia was aiming to land on Howland Island ,but did not  make it. It's unknown where she crashed.

Did Amelia Earhart disappear or die?

Amelia Earhart died because of a Plane crash into the sea by accident. You could also say she disappeared because peoplo also sometimes say she disappeared in to the sea. Pres