Was Amelia killed by japan or did she die on an island?

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She had plane problems and died.
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Why did amelia die?

Because she was determined to fly along over sea trip, with limited fuel and negligible radio.

Who killed Amelia Earhart?

\nAccording to popular belief, her plane failed and she crashed somewhere in the Pacific while trying to circumnavigate the glob.

Who tried to Kill Amelia Earhart?

No one knows!! Some people say that her plane crashed in theAtlantic Ocean or she was either kidnapped by the Japenese. ANS 2 - NOBODY thinks " her plane crashed in theAtla

Did Amelia Earhart die in japan?

Probably not. Most historians believe she died when her plane crashed in the Pacific Ocean, while she was flying to Howland Island, as part of her effort to make a flight arou

Where is Amelia Island Plantation?

It is located on Amelia Island within the state of Florida. It is considered a luxury resort. It is famous for its well rated hotels and has hosted Women's Tennis Association

When was amelia island plantation established?

The Amelia Island Planation was first established in 1971 by Hilton Head Island. The goal in the design was to make it at one with nature, and as such within the beginning bui
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Where can Amelia Island be located?

Amelia Island is located in the South Pacific next to the great barrier. It is famous for its bread tress. The crew of the Bounty made a stop there on their way to Hawaii.