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Was Barbra Streisand pregnant in funny lady?

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No Barbra wasn't pregnant in funny lady. She was pregnant while she doing funny girl on broadway.
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Is Barbra Streisand married?

Barbra Streisand   Barbra Streisand has been married twice. Her first husband was actor Elliott Gould to whom she was married from 1963 to 1971. Her second husband is acto

What are Barbra Streisand children names?

She has one son named Jason Gould who is also the son of Elliot Gould. Barbra married him in 1963 and the two divorced in 1971. Jason was born on December 29, 1966.

Is Barbra Streisand dead?

No, Barbra Streisand is not dead.

Who is Barbra Streisand?

Barbra Streisand is a famous singer, actress, producer, director, and philanthropist. She has made many albums and has starred in many movies, including Funny Girl, which she

Who is Barbra Streisands son?

Jason Gould, he is the son of her ex-husband Elliot Gould.

Did Barbra Streisand go to college?

One part of Streisand's was a show business cliche: a New York ethnic who went into show business as a teenager in order to help the pay the family bills, and who never had a