Was Coca Cola originally green?

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Coco Cola has always been brown. It's just an urban myth that is was green, probably arising because it used to be sold in green bottles.
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Coca Cola was originally green in colour?

The original Coca Cola Formula is made with real coca leaves. Hence the name: Coca Cola. The extract from the coca leaves is light green with a unique smooth and fresh ar

Was Coca-Cola originally green?

The Coca Cola Company states that the drink has always been brownin color and that anything else is a myth. Although the famouscontour bottle is green glass, Coca-Cola has alw

Was coca cola originally green and now has colouring to make it brown?

Though this tidbit of knowledge has been widely distributed as part of an Internet "Did You Know?" list, at no time in Coca-Cola's history has that beverage been green. The or