Was Joseph Goebbels a perpetrator or a victim of the Holocaust?

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perpetrator, like Hitler he did not actually kill anyone himself, but he helped create the environment that made the Holocaust possible.
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Who were the perpetrators of the Holocaust?

Perpetrators were those who did the killing. The legal deffinition is a bit larger, including those who ordered the actions also. The moral deffinition larger still, it includ

What is Joseph Goebbels children's names?

Magda Goebbel (the wife) had a son from a previous marriage named Harald. then there was: Helga Susanne Hildegard Traudel Helmut Christian Holdine Kathrin Hedwig

Who were the rescuers victims and perpetrators of the Holocaust?

the rescuers - appears to be a category that is getting increacing interest, they would be people who rescued others, however many rescuers were also victims or perpetrators.

Who were the forgotten victims and perpetrators in the holocaust?

The forgotten victims would be those whose names have not beenfound, or who did not have living relatives to remember them.Forgotten perpetrators are most likely those who wer

What sort of person was Joseph Goebbels?

Goebbels was a man of letters, quite brilliant and as that implies, a writer. The Goebbels diaries, in translation, in part ( much was lost during the post-war and so-called D

What did Josef Goebbel do in the holocaust?

He controlled the media and culture, and was responsible for propaganda in Nazi Germany. This meant he was directly responsible for events based around the Nazis, because HE w

What college did Joseph goebbels attend?

According to Ernest K. Bramsted, Goebbels attended universities inBonn, Freiburg, Wurzburg, Cologne, Frankfurt, Berlin, Munich, andHeidelburg where he earned his doctorate in

Who was the holocaust perpetrators?

If you mean the WWII holocaust, mainly Nazi Germany. There were other mass killings around that time: Japan in China,and Stalin in the Soviet Union.

What was Goebbels role in the Holocaust?

Joseph Goebbels had both direct and indirect involvement in the holocaust. The American Experience website at pbs.org explains that, "He played probably the most important rol