Was Paris named after Paris of Troy?

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No. It was named after the Latin name of the local tribe, the Parisii.
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Who killed Paris of Troy?

Achilles did not kill Paris at Troy. Paris was killed by Philoctetes, son of King Poeas of Meliboea in Thessaly. Like Paris, he was a famed archer and a strong warrior. He was

When did Paris of troy die?

Paris of Troy is a mythological character. And the War of Troy is a legend told in Homer's Iliad. No time reference is given by Homer. But Troy is a city that had existe

How did Paris kidnap Helen of Troy?

It was actually Helen of Sparta, not Troy, who went with Paris of Troy, leaving Sparta, her husband and daughter, and everything she was behind. She didn't actually become Hel

Who is Paris from troy?

He is one of the princes of troy, who, by the help of Aphrodite, trickes Helena, the queen of Sparta, into being his lover in Troy.

Why was Helen of Troy kidnapped by Paris?

Well, she wasn't really kidnapped as such, you see her and Paris ran away together, because you see, Somehow, a golden apple, fell into Paris' hands. But you see, the godd

Was Helen of troy in love with Paris of troy?

The Iliad says yes. It should be noted, however, that the only reason that she did is because Aphrodite forced her to. She was the promised gift for Paris awarding the Golden