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Was Paris named after Paris of Troy?

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No. It was named after the Latin name of the local tribe, the Parisii.
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Who took care of Paris in the mountain in the story Helen of Troy?

Paris was the son of Priam and Hecuba. Before his birth Priam had a dream in which he foresaw that Paris would bring Troy to destruction so he gave him to a slave Agelaus to e

Did Helen want to go with Paris to Troy?

Yes, Aphrodite had made her fall in love with Paris - Helen, having been made infatuated by Aphrodite, was all too willing to forget her husband Menelaus and go off with Paris

Was Helen of troy in love with Paris of troy?

The Iliad says yes. It should be noted, however, that the only reason that she did is because Aphrodite forced her to. She was the promised gift for Paris awarding the Golden

How did Paris meet Helen of Troy?

When Paris heard about Helen, he decided to go to see her. Then they fell in love, and Paris stole Helen. When Menelaus heard about it, he collected all of Helen's lovers, and

Who was Prince Paris of Troy?

Prince Paris of Troy was a mortal man picked by Zeus to judge on the fairest of the goddesses Aphrodite, Athena, and Hera. In order to bribe him, Athena offered him all the kn

Who is Paris?

Paris is a place in France it could also be a name and also a character from romeo and Juliet!!!!!!!!!!!!

Who gave the name Paris to Paris?

The Parisi tribe of the ancient Celts settled on the isle in the first millennium BC, before the Romans took over. Their ancient place of worship was found under the parvis of

How old was Helen of troy when she went to troy with Paris?

Actually she was quite old,since she was first abducted and kept in Afidnes by Theseus,and Theseus lived in the ages of Hercules.Hercules conquered Troy years before the next