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Was Theodore Roosevelt ever blind?

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One eye was blinded during a recreational boxing match while he was the President. The injury was kept secret from the public.
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What did Theodore Roosevelt do?

Theodore Roosevelt was the president of the US from 1901 to 1909.   He was New York Assemblyman,, New York Governor, Vice President,  President, and Assistant secretary o

Are Theodore Roosevelt Jr and Theodore Roosevelt the same person?

Not exactly. President Theodore Roosevelt was Theodore Roosevelt  Jr. , until his father died in 1878. In 1871, he and his wife named  a son, Theodore Roosevelt, Jr and he b

Did Theodore Roosevelt ever ride on a bull moose for a photograph?

Yes, I am positive that the photo of Teddy Roosevelt riding a moose is real. I have been trying to find out how exactly he did it- if it was a tame moose like the ones use in

Was Theodore Roosevelt the father of Franklin Roosevelt?

No, they were distant cousins. Theodore Roosevelt was Franklin D. Roosevelt's fifth cousin, once removed. Theodore Roosevelt was also Eleanor Roosevelt's uncle; she was FDR's

How were Theodore Roosevelt and Franklin Roosevelt related?

Theodore and Franklin Roosevelt were distant (fifth) cousins. Franklin's wife, Eleanor Roosevelt , was Theodore's niece .

How did Theodore Roosevelt become blind?

  He became blind in one eye after taking a blow in a boxing match while President. The injury was kept secret from the public.   Roosevelt often took part in recreatio

Who was Theodore Roosevelt?

Theodore "Teddy" Roosevelt was the 26th President of the United States. He conserved more land area, over 150 Million acres, as President, which is more than any other person

What did Theodore Roosevelt were?

Theodore Roosevelt was born on October 27,1858 in New York City.In 1878 his father died.In 1880 Roosevelt married Alice Lee and had only one child.In 1884 Roosevelts mother di