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Was cornbread a revolutionary war food?

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yes, it was. That was mainly what they ate.
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What was the Revolutionary War about?

The Revolutionary War was about the Americans wanting their independence from Britain. The war broke out because both held tanaciously to different theories of political ideas

When was the Revolutionary War?

The first battle of the war was at Lexington-Concord on  April 19,1775. The last battle was the Battle at  Yorktown which ended with the surrender of Cornwallis on  Oct. 19

What is the Revolutionary War?

A war between the Americans and British in 1775-1783.     The Colonists were fighting for freedom on the new world(America).     The Colonists (America) won the

Why did we have a Revolutionary War?

We (Americans) had a revolutionary war because of we were tired of being pretty much pushed arounded and roled by Great Britain. This war was vital to our countries history, w

What was the Revolutionary War?

It was the war between American colonist and there home country England(at the time) it last from1775 through 1783 the colonist were mad about all the taxes they have been giv

Who declared war in the Revolutionary War?

The Revolutionary War was NOT a declared war. It was a war of rebellion against the crown (Britain). Legally, the signers of the Declaration could've been executed had they lo

Who was in the Revolutionary War?

The American colonies, Britain, and France The Revolutionary War was a thing, not a person. If you would like to know who was IN the Revolutionary War, go to www.google.com/ig

What war was fought after the Revolutionary War?

There was a war between the American and the Canadian forces, when the the USA tried to invade Canada. While the US Army was in Canada, the British attacked New York, and burn

Why was the Revolutionary War called revolutionary?

The American War for Independence is often called a "revolution"  (or, said to be "revolutionary") precisely because it was, by  definition, just that. As an overthrow by di