Was ist das 2. Jahrhundert vor Christus in Zahlen?

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Das 2. Jahrhundert vor Christus war von 200 v. Chr. bis 101 v. Chr.
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Was ist das?

" What is that ! " is the maening of this common German exclamation.. meaning what is that ^o^

What is a vor?

V (ery high frequency) O (omni) R (ange). VOR consists of a four antenna system that transmits voice (automatic terminal information service), identification (to identify the VOR) as well as azimuth information to aircraft.. The VOR may be stand alone or used in conjunction with a TACAN ( Tactica (MORE)

Who can translate the German lyrics of Das ist Berlin to English?

This is Berlin, Berlin, the eternally young city. This is Berlin, Berlin, which has my love. Exactly in the center of the world. God has put you there. You my Berlin, Berlin, you pearl on the Spree. Who knows only you, Berlin, that never tells you adieu. Because one can never more escape your (MORE)

Wo ist das Schlossmuseum?

Nearly every "Schloss" ( Castle or Stately home ) has a museum. That makes a simple answer impossible. When asked about a specific "Schlossmuseum" an answer would be forthcoming.

Wo ist das geschenk?

The German phrase "Wo ist das Geschenk?" translates as "Where is the present" or "Where is the gift?"

What does Das ist gut mean?

"Das ist gut" means "This (or it) is good." in English. It'sbasically said to show approval of something, or agreement.

Was ist das Bundesland von Hamburg?

What is the federal state* of Hamburg? NOTE: In fact Hamburg is "ein Stadtstaat" ( a city-state ), like two others, and the other thirteen ones are called "Flächenländer" (" area-states" > territory-states ).

Was ist das Verb für die Zuversicht?

Was ist das Verb für die Zuversicht? = What is the verb of confidence? Zuversicht does not have a verb form. The adjective/adverb is zuversichtlich.

What does this mean in German das ist?

das ist literally translates to 'that is' you woudl not use it on its own but in a sentance. i.e. Das ist super! That ist super! or Das ist mein hund. That is my dog

Was ist das Gegenteil von gefälscht?

Was ist das Gegenteil von gefälscht = What is the opposite of forged Das Gegenteil von gefälscht ist echt; The opposite of forged is genuine

What is the German 'Das alles ist Windhauch' in English?

" All is vanity " is an English equivalent of " Das alles ist Windhauch ." The German phrase represents just one translation of the English rendering of the famous sentence in the biblical Old Testament. The German noun catches the sense of emptiness, the fleeting nature of human life as nothing ot (MORE)

Was ist das Schulbiologiezentrum?

to answer this question, let's divide the words into different parts. das=the Schul=School biologie=biology zentrum=center So, in the end, das Schulbiologiezentrum translated into English is the School Biology Center.

Was ist das Gegenteil von hell?

Was ist das Gegenteil von hell? translate as What is the opposite of light? Das Gegenteil von hell ist dunkel = The opposite of light is dark

What does the VOR do?

It enables aircraft with a receiving unit to determine theirposition and stay on course by receiving radio signals transmittedby a network of fixed ground radio beacons.

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