What 's best treatment for arthritic pain?

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It depends on what type of arthritis you have. Starting with osteoarthritis simple analgesics or pain killers are used. The next group would include non steroidal anti inflammatory's, then steroidal inflammatory. and finally disease modifying drugs that interfere with the immune systems ability to cause the trouble some inflammation and joint damage. There are over a hundred different forms of arthritis so treatment would depend on the type of arthritis encountered.
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Does Tylenol for arthritis prevent arthritic pain?

Answer . Yes! If you are anticipating anything that will cause your arthritis to act up, take it before you start this project. It also helps if you take it after your pro

Which painkillers for dogs with arthritic pain?

Ask your vet for RX for generic Meloxicam tablets 7.5 mg, you would break this in 1/2 or 1/4's depending on weight of dog. Cost is $ 4.00, the name brand for pets is Metacam w

Are nuts aggravating your arthritic pain?

If you are suffering from the arthritic disease gout then nuts can aggravate the problem as they are high in purines and will tend to push up the production of uric acid leadi

What is the best treatment for fibromyalgia pain?

It depends what you can afford. I have a physiotherapist to put my muscles and joints back into place. I go to acupuncture and crainiopathy as well, once a week (though after

Does celabolin relieve arthritic pain?

yes celabolin does relieve the pain i have been taking it since may 2008 it helps the pain and stops you being tired all the time and i can do very light chair exercises i wal

What is the best medicine for a arthritic pain in hip?

That depends on what is responsible for the pain. You are either looking for a anti inflammatory if the pain is the result of inflammation. or if there is no inflammation in t

Does pork activate arthritic pain?

To date there is no clinical evidence that diet has any effect on arthritic pain asside from that found with Gouty arthritis.

What treatment is the best for back pain?

That depends on the cause of the pain and whether the pain is of recent onset or chronic (ongoing, longstanding). If you do not already know the causative factor/s of the pa

What is the best ankle pain treatment?

Most ankle pain is due to either an impact to the area (bruise) or a muscle/tendon sprain or strain. For a bruised area, best course of treatment is to ice the area for a few

What are the best medications for groin pain treatment?

Probably some of the best groin pain treatment is the manipulation and massaging treatment. This might result in less damage than long treatment of steroids and anti-inflammat

What treatment is the best for rib cage pain?

The first thing to determine is the cause of the rib pain. Sometimes it can be as simple as a muscle strain, which can be treatment with Ibruprofen and rest. If the pain conti

What is the best treatment of body pain?

The best treatment will depend on the degree of pain, the location of the pain and the source of the pain. If you have body pain because of a broken rib, nothing short of a tr
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How do you reduce arthritic pain in left hip?

There are number of ways. 1. Use an anti-inflammatory medication such as an NSAID. Common ones are Ibuprofen, Naprosyn, Celebrex. etc. 2. Get a corticosteroid injection into t
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What is the best knee pain treatment?

A few ways to protect an injured knee are as follows:- Rest the knee and place a small pillow under the knee.- Place a plastic bag filled with ice on top/around the knee to re