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causes of heel pain can include gout or stress fracture, bone tumors, nerve entrapment or thinning of the fat pad beneath the heel.

Gout is a type of arthritis caused by the reaction of the body to needle-like crystals of uric acid that accumulate in joint spaces. This reaction causes inflammation, swelling, and pain in the affected joint, most commonly the big toe.
Certain types of proteins are not properly processed by people with gout and the proteins end up causing an increase in the uric acid mentioned in a previous answer. Often these specific proteins cannot be completely avoided. In that case, specific medications have been discovered that can help you dissolve the uric acid crystals. While gout in the big toe is most common, crystals can accumulate anywhere and can cause kidney damage. Foods high in purines should be avoided by victims of gout.

The disease "Gout" is the result of having too much uric acid in the blood stream. When uric acid in the blood reaches saturation point, fine sharp crystals of urate are formed and deposited in the tissues of the body, these crystals are particularly prone to settle in the synovial fluid and joint linings, (synovial lining) of the peripheral joints of the body. When this takes place it is followed by joint inflammation and pain (arthritis). Hard lumps of uric acid can settle in and around the joints leading to chronic disease that can also cause joint destruction, decreased kidney function, and kidney stones.
Uric acid is formed by the breakdown of purines that make up a part of many of the foods we eat. If the body is unable to eliminate enough uric acid then this can result in attacks of painful arthritis (gout attack), kidney stones, and blockage of the kidney filtering tubules with uric acid crystals, this in turn can lead to kidney failure. However, some people may only develop hyperuricemia or elevated blood uric acid levels and not end up with arthritis or kidney problems.
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What causes pain in the heels of your feet?

I had two heel spurs, one in each heel. I suffered terribly for about 5 years, and I worked in a hospital ?.. No- one knew about these at the time I was in pain, till I bought

If your heel hurts and pain runs up your leg what could be the cause?

  Hi,   The problem with your heel could be what i have. What i have is when your muscles grow faster than your body and what you have to do to heal it is do exercises

What is causing pain in the heel?

Stress fracture, Plantar Fasciitis, Fat pad atrophy, Bursitis,  Tarsal tunnel syndro, Sever's disease, Achilles tendonosis etc.  Check medfoot.com to get ideas on causes of

What is an inflammation of the plantar fascia that causes foot or heel pain when walking?

Plantar fasciitis is that pain in the bottom of your foot usually felt around your heel. That pain especially hurts first thing in the morning when you try to get out of bed a

Can excess sugar cause heel pain?

You may be referring to gout. Refined sugar doesn't help but the bigger culprits would be alcohol, meats, shellfish, organ meats, and rapid weight loss. Anything that produces

What are causes of gout?

  Gout is the direct result of excess uric acid in the blood. when the liver is unable to remove enough of it , uric acid forms sharp pointy crystals that settle usually i

What causes gout?

Gout is a disease caused by exes uric acid in the blood crystallizing into fine sharp crystals and settling int the joints and or other parts of the body causing extreme pain

Can grapefruit juice cause gout like pain?

yes,yes it can because of the citric acid or the acid in genral storing up in your muscles causes pain. for example if you do exercise and stop to sit down for 10 and up minut

What cause gout?

High uric acid is what causes gout

What is the cause of gout?

Gout is a metabolic disease and tends to run in families. Primary gout is caused by overproduction or under excretion of uric acids. Secondary gout can result from acquired ca

What causes you to get gout?

Gout is the result of exes uric acid int the blood stream. this material is metabolized from purines that come with the nuclei of living cells. These cells can come from both

Could gout cause swollen fingers and knuckles above the fingers and pain in wrists?

In my opinion gout could cause swelling in toes and surrounding areas since uric acid crystals tend to move along blood flow towards lowest part of the body riding the gravity

What causes chronic pain in heel of feet?

 Plantar Fasciitis  Heel Spur  Posterior Heel Pain  Stress Fractures  Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome  Chronic inflammation of the heel pad  Achilles tendonosis  Severs diseas
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Can heel bone spurs cause pain in leg?

Heel bone spurs can cause leg pain either by nerve contact or by stance altering. When the stance is altered, the center of balance is affected and muscles work in awkward po