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What Oscars have James Bonds movies won?

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  • Total Oscar Nominations: 14
  • Total Oscar Wins: 4

Goldfinger (1964) in 1965
  • Winner
  • Best Effects, Sound Effects (Norman Wanstall)

Thunderball (1965) in 1966
  • Winner
  • Best Effects, Special Visual Effects (John Stears)

Diamonds Are Forever (1971) in 1972
  • Nomination
  • Best Sound (Gordon K. McCallum, John W. Mitchell, Al Overton)

Live And Let Die (1973) in 1974
  • Nomination
  • Best Music, Song (Paul and Linda McCartney for "Live and Let Die")

The Spy Who Loved Me (1977) in 1978
  • Nomination
  • Best Art Direction - Set Decoration (Ken Adam, Peter Lamont, Hugh Scaife)
  • Nomination
  • Best Music, Original Score (Marvin Hamlisch)
  • Nomination
  • Best Music, Song (Marvin Hamlisch for music, and Carole Bayer Sager for lyrics for "Nobody Does it Better")

Moonraker (1979) in 1980
  • Nomination
  • Best Effects, Visual Effects (Derek Meddings, Paul Wilson, John Evans)

For Your Eyes Only (1981) in 1982
  • Nomination
  • Best Music, Song (Bill Conti for music, and Mick Leeson for lyrics for "For Your Eyes Only")

Skyfall (2012) in 2013
  • Winner
  • Best Original Song (lyrics by Adele Adkins and Paul Epworth)
  • Winner (Tie)
  • Best Sound Editing (Per Halberg and Karen Baker Landers)
  • Nomination
  • Best Cinematography
  • Nomination
  • Best Original Score
  • Nomination
  • Best Sound Mixing
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How many Oscars have James Bond films won?

The James Bond series has won five Academy Awards during the past  six decades. "Goldfinger" won a 1964 Oscar for its sound effects,  followed by a 1965 visual effects award
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