What age group are Barbie movies appropriate to?

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Ages 3 -11, mostly for young girls.
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Why are some foods appropriate for some age groups and not for others?

There are probably three things to consider. First, the physical ability of the age group. Such as babies can't each crunchy foods. Elders can't often chew steak. Things like

What age group is appropriate for seeing The Hobbit movie?

In American cinemas, 13 years old at least is an appropriate age without adult supervision. The film does include several decapitations and other forms of warfare and violen

For what ages is the movie A Christmas Story appropriate?

The movie A Christmas Story has a PG rating. According to MPAA, parental guidance is suggested for families with younger children; in other words, whether the material is appr

What age group is appropriate for the LeapPad 2 bundle?

The LeapPad 2 bundle is appropriate for ages 3-9 years of age. It inspires youngsters to use their imaginations, to explore, with over 350 games, apps, music videos and more.
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What ages is the Barbie Fashion Fever range appropriate for?

Even though this question is very subjective, Barbie is consider safe for most children over the age of 3. Some parents may feel that certain Barbie models are inappropriate
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What age group is Bounce U appropriate for?

Bounce U is a service company that specializes on parties for kids of all ages. There are special groups like Preschool Playground which is for kids until 7 years.