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What are 3 possible uses of Buckminster fullerenes?

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Commercial uses of fullerenes Although fullerenes are not yet used commercially, applications are being researched, such as catalytic methane activation to higher hydrocarbons funded by the US Dept of Energy. Other properties of fullerenes and their compounds such as superconductivity have yet to be exploited.
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Why does buckminster fullerene conduct electricity?

  Because, like graphite, it has got delocalized electrons. These electrons, when the C60 is exposed to a potential difference, are free to move towards the positive pole (MORE)

How was buckminster fullerene discovered?

  The discovery   The serendipitous discovery took place during experiments involving a cluster beam which uses a laser to vaporise a graphite rod in a helium atmosph (MORE)

Compare the physical properties of diamond and graphite to those of buckminster fullerene?

diamonds form a 3 dimensional lattice. they also have have four bonds per atom. This makes a very strong material. graphite forms a 2 dimensional lattice. it has 3 bonds per (MORE)